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Early Vacation Sell Back MOA

Good news, we have reached an agreement with the College to allow early sell-back of vacation hours this year. Every Fall Term, our contract allows classified employees to sell-back up to 16 hours of accrued vacation time at their current rate of pay, and this MOA has adjusted the dates for this year to allow that sell-back process to begin now (it will continue to be available to employees until 12/31/20).

Please see the full post for more information.

LCCEF Logo Color for Lights 040319-01

Update: MOA for Separation Incentive/Double Coverage Waiver

We wanted to share the results of the most recent poll; respondents were overwhelmingly (92.3%) in favor of separating the Separation Incentive and Double Coverage Waiver into their own MOA.

We’ve sent our proposed MOA to the administration; we will update when we have their response.

For planning purposes: Per the College’s requirements, please know that employees intending to use the Retirement/Separation Incentive will need to be ready to separate from Lane by the end of September.