Bargaining Committee

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Lane Community College Employees Federation - Local 2417, American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO - CONSTITUTION

Section 1.  Standing Committees.

The following standing committees shall maintain active status:

Bargaining:  Monitors and researches collective bargaining issues in support of the Bargaining Team.  Committee members are appointed by the President, subject to Executive Council approval.  The Bargaining Team is a subset of this committee, designated by the President and approved by the Executive Council.  The Bargain Team prepares and substantiates salary and other contract proposals; presents these proposals for the approval of the membership and negotiates the proposals with lane Community college representatives.

Bargaining Committee

Kenny Ascheri
Matt Danskine
Robin Geyer
Steve Kayl
Nikki Li
Cas Rhay
Dawn Rupp
Marsha Sills

Bargaining Team

Alen Bahret
Barbara Bailey
Rosa Maria Banuelos-Uribe
Matt Danskine
Nikki Li
Heidi Morales
Don Patton
Leilani Perez
Nancy Schwoerer
Dacia Smith
Lesley Stine