You are the union!

 What is the difference between Member and Fairshare?

Full members pay a little more to help create the power that makes our union strong. Fairshare members pay only the amount needed to cover collective bargaining and contract administration. Dues for full members and fairshare members are listed on the back of the LCCEF Membership Form. All LCC staff are automatically fairshare members when they begin employment. In order to become a full member, fill out the LCCEF Membership Form (below) and send it inter-campus mail it to Casandra Rhay.

What are the rights and responsibilities of being a member?

• Membership demonstrates power in contract negotiations. The more full members the union has, the better we will do at the bargaining table.
• Membership demonstrates power to elected officials. The more full members we have, the more we can do to protect public education.
• Members have the right to vote in union elections for elected positions, union business, and contract ratification.
• Members set priorities for contract negotiations.
• Members can fill the union elected positions from union President to Standing Committees.
• Membership means that you are part of the labor movement to ensure the promise of fair opportunities for all.
• Only members are eligible for AFT benefits including discounts on insurance, travel, and phone plans.


LCCEF Membership App and Recommitment Form