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Bargaining Update and Welcome New EC!

New Year, New Executive Council!

Welcome to the new members of our Executive Council and to those returning for new terms or in new roles! This week in addition to first week of the term and preparing for second week to start with a holiday, the members of EC have shifted the EC meetings from Wednesday to Thursday. We are going to shift the return newsletter to next week so that the EC has a chance to meet this week. This could be a change to the publishing day of the newsletter to make sure you get the best updates.

Bargaining Starts Mediation

Our first day of mediation will be on January 29th. It will be an all day session. Mediation is closed to all non-bargaining team members. However, I will be giving periodic updates on the “general-members-observers”, Slack Chat. So if you want to know how it’s going or what is really going on, tune in. If you aren’t on that channel email me at: Leave me your personal email and I’ll add you to the channel. Once I do that you will receive an email notifying you that you are in the group! Invite your co-workers and friends! 

We also have a General Membership meeting scheduled on Thursday, January 25, 2023 at 12:00pm. and an evening session at 5:00pm. Save the Date! We are going to encourage in person attendance but will have the Zoom option available. More information to come as we get closer.

Vice President of Organizing

Colin Vurek

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LCC Classified Professionals deserve:

  • Fair and comparable wages
  • Safe and clean working conditions
  • Equitable staffing levels
  • Job Security
  • Quality Health insurance coverage
  • Summer closure days
  • Workplace Inclusivity
  • Remote work options
  • Opportunities for promotion

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