Frankie Cocanour

I'm Frankie, and I'm proud to serve as your union president since 2020. With over a decade of experience as a medical assistant, I've gained valuable insights into the challenges our members face every day. When I'm not at work, you'll often find me enjoying precious moments with my two children and my delightful granddaughter.I firmly believe that every classified professional deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their role. It's about recognizing the hard work and dedication each individual brings to the table. We shouldn't have to compromise on benefits in exchange for fair compensation. Additionally, I'm committed to addressing the issue of heavy workloads caused by understaffing. It's imperative that we prioritize filling vacant positions promptly to alleviate the burden on our colleagues. For me, this isn't just about policies; it's deeply personal. It's about standing up for the well-being of our fellow professionals and their families, as well as the broader community we serve. Our union is dedicated to promoting fairness, equity, and respect for all. I invite you to join us in our efforts to create a workplace where every member can thrive. Together, we can make a meaningful difference.

Tami Hill

Vice President of Labor Relations
An experienced administrative specialist, Tami has been at LCC for nearly 15 years. As the LCCEF VP of Labor Relations, Tami is primarily concerned with labor issues, including grievances, labor relations committees, and bargaining. She works closely with the President (Frankie) and Grievance Officer (Claudia), remaining currently aware of the status of the union and ensuring that issues from constituencies are brought forward to the Executive Council and addressed.
Buck Potter in cosplay

Buck Potter

Membership Officer
Having spent most of my time in and around educational institutions, along with being born and raised on a ranch in Eastern Oregon, I feel I bring a unique perspective to the table for the LCCEF Union. I currently am within the Facilities Management and Planning Department as the Locksmith, but I have done a lot of my practical learning in and among the trades, whether technology, mechanical, or customer/retail service. In high school, I was the bookkeeper for my parents’ Art Gallery, and later with their Bed and Breakfast. Along with my father, I helped to start a non-profit organization for Eagle Cap Sled Dog Races in Joseph, Oregon. I have a Bachelor of Science in Theater Arts with Concentrations in Technical Design/Engineering and Education. During that time I also served for three years as a member of the Student Fee Committee, which allocated out over 1 Million dollars a year to 26 departments on the Eastern Oregon University campus. I also currently volunteer as the VP of a local non-profit, Costumes for Causes, which is a cosplay community who does community outreach and fundraisers for charitable causes in western Oregon. In my spare time, I’m a huge crafter/maker, creating my own unique cosplays, I am part of the local blues dance community and enjoy being a genuine geek at heart.
Colin Vurek's profile picture.

Colin Vurek

Vice President of Organizing
Hi, I'm Colin (She, Her, Hers), and I've worked in LCC’s Specialized Support Services department for 12 years. For those of you not familiar with the S3 program, it serves adults with Developmental Disabilities (DD) and Intellectual Disabilities (ID), by teaching them job skills and other interpersonal skills before placing them in community jobs in Eugene/Springfield. I joined the S3 team in November of 2008 and expanded the Waste Management Department and Crew to the size it is today. I was born and raised in San Francisco where my grandmother helped organize the Baker’s/Butcher’s union in the 1930s. Unions have played a big role in my life. I currently live in Springfield Oregon and am the proud mother of four 4-legged fur children.
Claudia Riumallo

Claudia Riumallo

Grievance Officer
Claudia has worked at LCC as an academic advisor for almost 14 years. She brings her wealth of experience to the Grievance Officer position, where she coordinates and monitors all grievance processes and serves as chief steward in coordinating any established steward activities.
Linda Reling-Davis

Linda Reling-Davis

Linda works in the College Finance department. As Treasurer of LCCEF, she administers the financial affairs of the union, maintains financial records, handles funds, receipts, vouchers, invoices and other documentation, processes monthly dues collection and reporting, monitors all spending, sets routine financial policies, submits timely and accurate reports and payments, regularly reports to the membership and to the Executive Council, submits yearly financial statements to required affiliates, and maintains payroll.

Tracy Weimer

Recording Officer
Tracy became an LCCEF member in 2016/17 while working in Student Life and has maintained good standing throughout her four years in the Diversity Office. In 2019, she joined the Diversity Council and continues to contribute as an active member. Her experience includes serving on the Finance Council as the last voting ASLCC Treasurer and as one of the LCCEF appointees. Tracy has represented LCCEF in shared governance committees and participated in the most recent strategic planning process, offering valuable insights from her nontraditional and alumni perspectives. Tracy (she/her) remains dedicated to advancing the mission of the union while bringing a unique and inclusive perspective to her work.
Claire Graman

Claire Graman

Communications Officer
I started at LCC in April 2022 as a 1039 (a writing tutor) and moved to my current position on the Marketing team in May 2023, where I help manage our website, social media, and email communications. Before LCC, I attended grad school at UO to study English/Cinema Studies. While there, I was proud to take part in the GTFF strike in 2014. With a background in writing and teaching, I approach communications from a place of empathy, clarity, and accessibility. In my personal life, I love walking my dog, thrift-shopping with my partner, watching old movies, and playing video games.
Mark Jordan

Mark Jordan

Chief Labor Delegate
My name is Mark Jordan. I’m the chief labor delegate for Lane Community College. My wife and I have been married for 12 years and between us we have 4 kids and 9 grandkids. I have been working for LCC for 20 years as a custodian. I have been involved with the union for the past few years and enjoy helping our employees get the benefits they are entitled to or support that they need from management. When I’m not working, my wife and I enjoy scuba diving and exploring the roads on my Harley, rain or shine.

Fiora Starchild-Wolf

COPE Officer
The Committee on Political Education, or COPE, monitors political and legislative issues, reports them to the membership, performs political education, works closely with affiliated organizations, recruits and supports labor-friendly candidates for local political offices. As COPE Chair, I will keep our membership educated about local candidates, initiatives and legislative action that affect us.I come from a strong union family in the Midwest, with one grandfather who worked in a brewery and one grandfather who was a mail carrier. Their well-being, and consequently my own, had much to do with their union membership.Politics is also very personal with me. Public Higher Education exists in a political atmosphere, affecting us, our jobs, our benefits, as well as our ability to serve our students. With constant political challenge, LCCEF needs to remain active with policy makers and elected officials. I’ve been involved in local, statewide and national politics since 2000, and know many local and state elected officials, including Oregon’s Commissioner of Labor. I was an Oregon delegate in the Presidential primary in 2016. I served as Secretary of the Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party of Oregon from 2016-2018, and regularly attend local and state party meetings. However, I can be bi-partisan and will serve ALL members.I have been at Lane since 1990, and Enrollment Services Advisor since 2003. I served on the Student Affairs Council for 10 years. I know the college and community well, and care deeply about all of our membership. I am honored to serve as your COPE Chair.
Katie Neall

Katie Neall

Officer At Large
As a 1039 employee, Katie ensures representation for employees at LCC who have a less than .500 FTE.