Frankie Cocanour

I am a Medical Assistant here at the LCC Health Clinic. Prior to that I worked as an MA at OMG, and at Oregon Urology. I started my career in restaurants and made my way up into management. I then switched over to working in business offices. I spent several years at Symantec and worked on Site License and Contract teams. During the 2009 layoffs, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I decided, after going to many office visits with her and running into some very impersonal medical staff, that I would like to go into the medical field. I wanted to treat patients the way that I wished they would have treated my mother. In 2011 I graduated from Pioneer Pacific with my NCMA and Associates of Science. In my spare time I assist with promoting a band and helping with other bands that are touring in our area. Through that I have started working with a music producer in Portland, a couple other bands, and a local nonprofit organization in order to put together a new annual benefit concert that will happen within the next year. I have raised two children. I have a son who has been in the Navy for over 4 years and a daughter that still lives in town and is into the art scene and studies finance. I am now what you call an empty-nester. When I have free time it’s spent cuddling up with my two handsome cats, reading a good book, or binge watching TV. I am very easy to approach and I hope that if anyone has questions for me that they feel free to come find me. I will happily answer any questions that you might have.
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Vice President of Labor Relations
Having spent most of my time in and around educational institutions, along with being born and raised on a ranch in Eastern Oregon, I feel I bring a unique perspective to the table for the LCCEF Union. I currently am within the Facilities Management and Planning Department as the Locksmith, but I have done a lot of my practical learning in and among the trades, whether technology, mechanical, or customer/retail service. In high school, I was the bookkeeper for my parents’ Art Gallery, and later with their Bed and Breakfast. Along with my father, I helped to start a non-profit organization for Eagle Cap Sled Dog Races in Joseph, Oregon. I have a Bachelor of Science in Theater Arts with Concentrations in Technical Design/Engineering and Education. During that time I also served for three years as a member of the Student Fee Committee, which allocated out over 1 Million dollars a year to 26 departments on the Eastern Oregon University campus. I also currently volunteer as the VP of a local non-profit, Costumes for Causes, which is a cosplay community who does community outreach and fundraisers for charitable causes in western Oregon. In my spare time, I’m a huge crafter/maker, creating my own unique cosplays, I am part of the local blues dance community and enjoy being a genuine geek at heart.
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Colin Vurek

Vice President of Organizing
Hi, I'm Colin (She, Her, Hers), and I've worked in LCC’s Specialized Support Services department for 12 years. For those of you not familiar with the S3 program, it serves adults with Developmental Disabilities (DD) and Intellectual Disabilities (ID), by teaching them job skills and other interpersonal skills before placing them in community jobs in Eugene/Springfield. I joined the S3 team in November of 2008 and expanded the Waste Management Department and Crew to the size it is today. I was born and raised in San Francisco where my grandmother helped organize the Baker’s/Butcher’s union in the 1930s. Unions have played a big role in my life. I currently live in Springfield Oregon and am the proud mother of four 4-legged fur children.

Dawn Rupp

Grievance Officer
I started at LCC in 1996 as a first generation college graduating in 1999 with my AAS in accounting. My first stop was a work study position in the mailroom. Then I worked as a work study in Facilities Management & Planning (FMP)to hourly employee then a classified positions where I stayed for 12 years before moving to the Center for Meeting and Learning until the department was eliminated and I was fortunate enough to return to FMP in 2020. As the previous grievance chair for two years and our union leadership needing help I have come back to serve as your grievance chair. I look forward to helping as many staff members we serve with having a fair and happy working experience.

Linda Reling

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Recording Officer
An active supporter of workers' rights, I’ve worked 15 years in retail/marketing and 11 years in higher education, giving me experience in both non-union and union working environments. In 2010, I was hired at Portland Community College with the HOPE Grant and became a member of PCCFCE Local #3922. The HOPE Grant led me to Lane Community College in 2012, where I was hired in the Health Professions Division. I have attended Lane multiple times: as a high school student looking for more variety in my education; while working in production and as Production Manager of The Torch; years later, as a non-traditional student graduating from the Electronic Technology Program; and, currently, as a lifelong learner. I got involved with LCCEF because I felt the strength and power members had together being part of a union during bargaining at PCC and the community those members provided for each other. Since joining LCCEF as a member, I have represented the classified members on committees (currently Chair of the Safety Committee), as an Officer Feb. 2014-Dec 2017 (serving on The Learning Council and Bargaining Teams each year), as a delegate (for AFL-CIO Lane County Labor Chapter, AFT-Oregon Conventions, and AFT National Convention), and while meeting amazing fellow union leaders and activists at union trainings by Labor Education & Research Center (LERC), Western Region Summer Institute for Union Women, and Powering Up Your Union at AFT PSRP. I volunteer with a few community organizations including WOW Hall and Very Little Theatre. I enjoy spending time with my family and raising a menagerie of hobby farm animals.

Sam Ramberg

Communications Officer
I am currently the Telecommunications Specialist in the LCC IT Department. Previously, I worked with accessible technology as the Admin and Technology Specialist in CAR. I have also had experience here at Lane as a student. Before graduating from the CIS program in 2018, I was a steel worker in a variety of jobs. I have worked with sheet metal, a machinist in a steel mill, and as a melter in a foundry. I have also worked in grounds and facilities in K-12 in Salem and Springfield. I have been a member in two other unions, ASK-ESP and OSEA. I have volunteered for the ALSA hike to defeat, the PanCAN purplestride, and the Heroes 2 Oregon paddle challenge.
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Membership Officer
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Chief Labor Delegate

Fiora Starchild-Wolf

COPE Officer
The Committee on Political Education, or COPE, monitors political and legislative issues, reports them to the membership, performs political education, works closely with affiliated organizations, recruits and supports labor-friendly candidates for local political offices. As COPE Chair, I will keep our membership educated about local candidates, initiatives and legislative action that affect us. I come from a strong union family in the Midwest, with one grandfather who worked in a brewery and one grandfather who was a mail carrier. Their well-being, and consequently my own, had much to do with their union membership. Politics is also very personal with me. Public Higher Education exists in a political atmosphere, affecting us, our jobs, our benefits, as well as our ability to serve our students. With constant political challenge, LCCEF needs to remain active with policy makers and elected officials. I’ve been involved in local, statewide and national politics since 2000, and know many local and state elected officials, including Oregon’s Commissioner of Labor. I was an Oregon delegate in the Presidential primary in 2016. I served as Secretary of the Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party of Oregon from 2016-2018, and regularly attend local and state party meetings. However, I can be bi-partisan and will serve ALL members. I have been at Lane since 1990, and Enrollment Services Advisor since 2003. I served on the Student Affairs Council for 10 years. I know the college and community well, and care deeply about all of our membership. I am honored to serve as your COPE Chair.
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Officer At Large