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Bargaining Update: Tentative Agreement!

Great news! After bargaining until after 2 am on Saturday, the LCCEF and the college have tentatively agreed on the new contract. Read about some of the big wins below and attend the information session this week to learn more so you can vote to ratify the new contract.

We’ll have an Information Session this Wednesday to answer questions, so make room in your schedule!

Big Wins:

  • Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) – 6.75% for 2023-34, 3.09% for 24-25
  • Steps – Included for 23-24 and 24-25
  • Benefits – Stop Loss Language and FSA Stipends will stay where they are
  • C3s (1039s) – Will receive pay during inclement weather closures

Next Steps:

  • Learn about more of the wins in the new contract on Wednesday
  • Wait for an announcement of the contract ratification vote
  • Vote for the contract! (remember new changes will not take effect until ratified by us and the college)
  • Wait for the Board to ratify the contract
  • Wait for payroll to update (this takes some time! Typically, you’ll receive an updated rate of pay one pay period, then back pay the following pay period)

See you Wednesday!

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LCC Classified Professionals deserve:

  • Fair and comparable wages
  • Safe and clean working conditions
  • Equitable staffing levels
  • Job Security
  • Quality Health insurance coverage
  • Summer closure days
  • Workplace Inclusivity
  • Remote work options
  • Opportunities for promotion

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