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April 15th: Labor ’21 Primary Campaign Kickoff

LCCEF Family:
Thanks to the work of many union leaders, the labor movement across the entire state is poised to elect pro-worker candidates to boards and local offices. Many of the folks running are union members themselves.

If labor does our job this May, we can win workers some serious seats at the table. It’s time to capitalize on our momentum!

Thursday, April 15th @ 5:15, Oregon AFL-CIO will be kicking off member to member, union to union voter education + mobilization efforts for local races across the state.

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COPE Corner (Committee on Political Education)

Hi Everyone, my job as COPE Chair is to help everyone understand how policymakers (politicians) affect our membership, and how our membership can affect their decisions. I would love your help in doing this important work. Please send your feedback, suggestions, and of course, if you are interested in working on this together, there are lots of ideas below.