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Fund Our Future Rally

The rally took place May 8, 2019 in Bristol Square on Lane’s main campus.

Thank you to everyone who turned out for the Rally!  There certainly was a sea of red!  Red for Ed! (education).  Hopefully our message reaches Salem along with the many other colleges and school districts that took part in the day. The story was picked up by local media state wide! 

It was wonderful planning the event with Student, Faculty and Managers.  Special thanks to Adrienne Mitchel, LCCEA President, Nick Keough, ASLCC President, Mike Eyster, Board Chair, and Marge Hamilton, LCC President, for their moving speeches, and who could forget Paul Jarrell who was a fantastic MC! 

Way to go team!

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Cultural Competency Training May 9, 6-8 pm by ASLCCSG

Good afternoon fellow Classified staff,

This evening, ASLCCSG is hosting a cultural competency training open to all community members. LCC’s caring students have worked hard to put together this event and would appreciate the LCC staff support.

Here is a message from Multicultural Program Coordinator Chavon Wright and Gender and Sexuality Diversity Advocate Cameron Santiago:

I, Cameron Santiago, GSDA and Chavon Wright, Multicultural Program
Coordinator of ASLCCSG present to you the first ever student funded
professional development opportunity: Cultural Competency Training!

Cultural competency is the ability of an individual or organization to
effectively interact with people of different cultures. Students, faculty,
and staff have been under served by the lack of efforts made to provide
this crucial training to members of our community. As members of ASLCC
Student Government we have decided to provide this to our students,
faculty, and staff. The training will be delivered by Dr. Da Verne Bell,
the Director of Equity and Inclusion at Saint Mary’s Academy. Dr. Bell has
over 25 years of experience in equity training and positions.

The training is on* Thursday, May 9th, 2019 from 6-8pm in the Haugland
Commons (Center Building, Second Floor)*. *The location has been changed* *from
the Longhouse* so as to accommodate space for a board meeting.

We are so excited to see you all there!

If you are able to attend, be sure to sign in as the students have worked with our office of Equity & Inclusion to ensure tracking of cultural competency training hours.

Kenny Ascheri


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What Happens When “Right-to-Work” Becomes Law?

Hi Classified Staff,

Labor Unions are taking a real hit in the current climate across the United States. With the recent Supreme Court ruling in Janus v. AFSCME the courts have decided to exhaust unions power to collect fees from non-union members. Seemingly savvy marketers are pushing this as a “Right-to-Work” but really it’s just the “Right-to-something-for-nothing”. Labor organizations tirelessly promote positive working conditions, better pay and health care, and equitable care throughout the community. 

Please come together on Tuesday, May 7, for a critical presentation by LERC’s Mark Brenner
4pm in the UO ERB Memorial Union, Lease Crutcher Lewis Room

The event is free and open to the public.

Find out more about the event on the LERC website’s event page for the Labor Research Colloquium.


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Our Schools are in Crisis



After decades of disinvestment, Oregon schools have:

  • Overflowing classes
  • Low graduation rates
  • Missing supports like mental health counselors and school nurses


Educators are standing up and standing together for students. Will you join us?

Lawmakers are considering the Student Success Act, which would invest $2 billion into Oregon schools. Email your legislator NOW to support students and educators. and Take Action!






  • Tweet at lawmakers:
“It’s time to fund our schools! Vote YES on the Student Success Act to finally invite in our students. #orleg #yesonstudentsuccess”



When: May 8 at 11:45 – 12:15

Where: Bristow Square (next to Center Building LCC Main Campus)

Save the date and stay tuned for more info!


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LCCEF Group Photo

To show our solidarity, the LCCEF Executive Council would like to have a group photo including as many members as can come.

Date/Time:  Thursday June 28th @ 12pm (noon)

Location:  The Plaza (West of  the Center Building on Main Campus)

Gear:  Please wear your union garb!  Union shirt, union buttons, Union signs, Red clothing.  Whatever you have that screams LCCEF! 

For those of you who can’t make it, or who are not able to get to Main Campus, please feel free to take selfies, or group photos in your locations and forward them along to!

This is a very important time for LCCEF, its members and unions across the country to show that we stand together!


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Membership Drive Results

The LCCEF held a membership drive the week of 6/4 – 6/8/2018. We had a total of 82 conversations with classified employees, 47 members recommitted to their membership, we collected 2 political action fund donations and signed up 9 new members; raising membership to 54% of the bargaining unit!

Outstanding work by EC officers and worksite leaders that came out to volunteer during the week! Outstanding work by Rosa Maria who worked on the planning stages and volunteer outreach to make the drive successful. Thank you to Julia Trist and Maria Graybeal from AFT-Oregon for coming to help out!

Shout out to worksite leaders Marsha Sills, Nikki Li and EC officer Matt Danskine who rocked their first time organizing during the drive! 🌟 Shoutout to worksite leader, Amy Sanderson, for volunteering during both drives! 🌟 Shout out to Pat Griffin and Robin Geyer who had great conversations and collected the most Recommit cards!🌟

Lastly, shout out to our member organizer, D’Ante Carter, who has continued to do an amazing job before, and throughout the drive!

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LCCEF is excited to be holding a Membership Drive, March 5-16, 2018!

Member volunteers, member organizers and EC officers will be actively reaching out to fellow classified staff from March 5th- 16th to talk about bargaining, our bargaining survey and membership in our Union. We will be joined by volunteers from United Academics of the University of Oregon Local 3209, Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation Local 3544 and AFT-Oregon staff. If you would like to know more about our membership drive or would like to volunteer to help us reach out to our fellow colleagues during the drive please feel free to contact:
Mayra Vasquez-Garcia
Rosa Maria Banuelos-Uribe

Or simply sign up to help with the drive and show up during your selected shift to Cen 14.

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AFSCME: Rally for Respect, Dignity, and a Fair Contract Sept 18, 2017

Stand With Lane County Workers for a Better Contract


Rally for Respect, Dignity, and a Fair Contract


Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza


Sept. 18th, 12 P.M.


Lane County Workers need your help! After nine months of negotiations, we are still without a contract. Those who are people of faith, believe in social justice, and union brothers and sisters, we need you. We are standing up against an economic attack on our community and need you standing shoulder to shoulder with us. Come support the workers of Lane County Local 2831.