Update: MOA for Separation Incentive/Double Coverage Waiver

We only received 39 responses to our last poll but we wanted to share the responses with you. As seen ...
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Separation Incentive/Double Coverage Waiver MOA

Separation Incentive/Double Coverage Waiver MOA Please take a minute to tell us what you think about putting the separation incentive ...
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President’s Update

To my Colleagues and Friends,Here we are at almost August 1st! We are busy working for you on bargaining, the ...
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Bargaining Updates

Bargaining Updates Bargaining Proposal The Bargaining Team’s recent proposal to the College included the following items: Separation IncentiveInsurance Double Coverage ...
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Grievance and ULP Updates

Grievance and ULP Updates — A word from Linda Reling Grievances “Us Too” Grievance filed.Robin Geyer testified for two and ...
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New Committees Forming – Volunteers Needed

We are forming three new committees that need members. Details for each committee can be found below. Please fill out ...
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Furlough Updates

Proposal for Replacement College Closure Days The Executive Council proposed six potential dates to Marge and the Executive Cabinet to ...
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Change in EC Leadership

Fred Rankin stepped down this week as Vice President of Organizing. He has recently taken on increased job duties within ...
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Labor Delegate News

Labor Delegate News — An update from Buck Potter An opportunity to Be Part of Lane’s Bond Future! My fellow ...
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Treasurer Update

Treasurer Update — A word from Dacia Smith We recently completed work to add a Constitutional Amendment for an additional ...
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COPE Corner (Committee on Political Education)

COPE Corner (Committee on Political Education) — An update from Fiora Starchild-Wolf Hi Everyone, my job as COPE Chair is ...
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Job Description Requests from Management

HR is currently in the process of updating all employee job description documentation as part of accreditation reporting requirements due ...
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Constitution Committee Updates

Updated – August 19, 2020 Our incredible Constitution Committee recently restarted their meetings (virtually) in order to work on the ...
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Health Insurance Waiver Incentive

In our current economic reopener bargaining, we have been discussing the possibility of offering eligible, double-covered employees the option to ...
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Separation Incentive Update

Hi LCCEF Members.We are currently negotiating our Contract Economic Reopener, included in which is a Separation Incentive of $10,000. In ...
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