ARTICLE IV – Officers


Section1.  Officers and Duties

The following eleven (11) officers shall be elected by the Federation’s Regular membership.  Core duties are described.

  1.  President.  Administers collective bargaining contracts and the operations of theis Federation; presides at meetings of the Federation and of the Executive Council; sets Federation policy in compliance with membership and Executive Council direction; represents the Federation, including serving on committees and in meetings with Lane Community College, with affiliates, and with others as necessary; reports to the membership on the status of the Federation; appoints committees; is ex officio member of the Bargaining Team and of all committees except as elsewhere noted; as eligible and with right of refusal, is ex officio delegate to the Labor council, and chief delegate to conventions of other affiliated organizations.
  2. Vice President.  Assumes the office of President upon the vacancy of that office; performs the duties of President in the absence of the president; assists and works closely with the President, remaining currently aware of the status of the Federation; is an ex officio delegate, as eligible and with right of refusal to the Labor Council and to conventions of each affiliated organization.  Serves as liaison to the Elections Committee.
  3. Grievance Chair.  Chairs the Grievance committee; coordinates and monitors all grievance processes; serves as chief steward in coordinating any established steward activities.
  4. Treasurer.  Administers the financial affairs to the Federation, in compliance with membership and Executive Council direction; maintains Financial records in a generally accepted manner; serves as Federation Budget Authority, coordinating financial promises and transactions, receiving and disbursing funds, issuing or retaining receipts, vouchers, invoices and other documentation; deposits monies; pays bills; processes monthly dues collection and reporting; monitors all spending and sets routine financial policies; maintains the official Federation membership records; submits timely and accurate reports and payments to affiliates, government agencies, and others as required; regularly reports to the membership and to the Executive Council; submits yearly financial statements to required affiliates; submits yearly Fairshare audit reports to Fairshare payers as required; maintains payroll; chairs the Budget Committee; serves as liaison to the Audit Committee; serves as Treasurer of the COPE Committee.
  5. Recording Secretary.  Serves as custodian of the Federation’s records, seal and charter; records minutes of the Executive Council and general membership meetings, and officially records other Federation business as required; sends notification of Executive Council meetings; records election results as certified by the election Committee; maintains the official copy of this Constitution and Bylaws, and distributes copies thereof as needed; maintains in an acceptable manner, and makes available, the Federation Policy Manual.  Serves as liaison to, and works closely with, the Constitution Committee.
  6. Corresponding Secretary.  Prepares special correspondence of documents at the request of the Executive Council or of individual officers or committees; acts as hospitality coordinator, sending occasion cards or tributes to members and others, as appropriate; performs the functions of Recording Secretary in the absence of that officer; acts as liaison to, and works closely with the Communications Committee.
  7. Membership Chair.  Chairs the Membership Committee; processes new members in coordination with the Treasurer; provides membership information to interested persons; coordinates recruitment of new members; distributes membership cards; assists the Treasurer in preparing membership reports for affiliated organizations.
  8. Chief labor Delegate (to Labor Council).  Heads the labor delegates representing the Federation at the lane County Labor council; maintains active status in that organization – this position shall be immediately and automatically vacated upon failure to maintain such status; reports to the Executive Council on Labor Council matters.
  9. COPE Chair.  Chairs the COPE (Committee On Political Education) committee; monitors political and legislative issues of interest to the Federation, reports such to the Executive council and Membership, and performs related functions.
  10. Officer At Large #1.  In addition to all other requirements, this position is required to be an LCC employee with an FTE less than .500.
  11. Officer At Large #2.  In addition to all other requirements, this position is required to be an LCC employee with an FTE less than .500.


Section 2.  Succession to Presidential Duties

In the absence of the President, that officer’s duties, as required, shall be performed by the next available officer in the above listed sequence, which constitutes the presidential order of succession.


Section 3.  Requirements for Holding Office

Regular membership in good standing is required in order to be nominated, elected, or serve as an officer.  New members shall be eligible for same only after one (1) year.  No member may hold more than one office at a time, nor hold both an office and a hired position within the Local.  Proviso:  the one year requirement for new members shall become effective only after one year from adoption of this Constitution.


Section 4.  Terms of Office

Officers shall serve for the established Executive Council term of office, and may be reelected.


Section 5.  Appointments to Vacant Office

Unless otherwise specified, vacancies in any office during the current term, shall be filled by Presidential appointment with Executive Council approval.


Section 6.  Adjustment of Officer Duties

Specific duties of officers may be redistributed or delegated, with consent of the Executive Council.  Ultimate responsibilities, however, remain with the official holder in each position.


Section 7.  Record Keeping, Reporting, and Additional Duties

Each officer shall maintain orderly and readily accessible records, as appropriate to their position.  Officers shall function with the good of the membership in mind, and shall regularly report to the Executive Council on their Federation activities and concerns.  Additional duties, not in conflict with this Constitution, may be specified in the Bylaws or Federation Policy Manual.  Each officer shall also perform other duties related to their position, as required.


Section 8.  Changes in Officers

All changes or vacancies in officer positions shall be reported to the membership and, as required, to affiliates.


Section 9.  Officer Removal by Membership

An officer may face removal from office for acts detrimental to the Federation, upon presentation of written charges signed by at least twenty (20) percent of the Regular members in good standing.  The accused shall have the right to appeal his/her case at a general membership meeting to be held within one (1) month, and shall be removed if a majority of votes cast by Regular members agree.  Affiliate-specified regulations may supersede this Section.


Section 10.  Officer Removal by Executive Council

An officer may also face removal from office for acts detrimental to the Federation, or due to absence from official Executive Council meetings for a continuous period of three (3) months, by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Council.  The same appeal rights shall apply as for removal by the Membership.  Affiliate-specified regulations may supersede this Section.