Upcoming and Current Work.

Many hands make light work! We could REALLY use your help!

Bargaining in Spring 2019 - Economic Reopener Currently Underway

We are looking for members interested in helping us research information and also to create surveys then assess the survey information. For more information contact your officer of choice.

Research into e-Voting

We are looking into using an electronic voting method for future union business.  This is a tricky thing because there are strict laws and regulations around voting.  There are also some pieces of our constitution that specifically point to paper ballots, so there are a couple changes to be made by the constitution committee to even allow for e-voting.

If you are interested in technology and helping your union, please contact communications@lccef.org and we will make this happen.

Constitution and ByLaws rewrite

If this is of interest to you please contact Kyle Schmidt (schmidtk@lanecc.edu)

LCCEF Contract Committee

Putting together a knowledge base with Q&A regarding our contract. To help, contact Matt.

Member Organizer Institute

This is a PAID TRAINING OPPORTUNITY!  Updated info here.  Don’t hesitate! There will be opportunities for new people each term.

Officers in Training

The Executive Council (EC) is looking for members interested in shadowing EC Officers in our Officer in Training program.  Think of it as a way to try before you buy! If you would like to participate, contact your officer of choice.

Worksite Leaders

Interested in being more involved in your union? Be a worksite leader and share information with your colleagues, educate new employees, participate in work groups to build and analyze surveys, help with bargaining...  Help with all, or pick and choose. Your level of participation is up to you! If you have any questions contact your membership chair, Rosa Maria (membership@lccef.org).