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    Lori Brenden

    So our insurance will be changing in October. I know we will be deciding at some point what to go with but really all I have been seeing is talk about OEBB. Is that going to be our only choice? I have heard from several faculty they really don’t like it, but they are stuck with it. That’s the other thing, if we do switch to OEBB we are stuck with it right? I hope there will be other options because I don’t want us to get funneled into OEBB with no other choices to choose from.

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    Like all insurance plans, there are people who like them and people who don’t.  I have heard from at least one who had big, big problems and paid little out of pocket on OEBB.  More who have nothing bad to say about it.  Still others who aren’t crazy about it.

    One good thing about moving to OEBB, if that is what the voting members of the union choose, is that we could freeze the amount the college pays toward insurance and have zero out of pocket for our insurance.  This, among a few other things, is the deal the faculty received.  The college agreed to freeze the amount they pay so, until OEBB premiums increase beyond what the college paid at the time they changed, the faculty pay nothing for their insurance.  For many of us on PacificSource, this is hundreds of dollars a month in savings.

    If we do move to OEBB, my understanding is that you can pull back out once.  The down side is that we would lose our history with PacificSource, so we would likely end up paying astronomical premiums for whatever we moved back out to.  This could be considered locking us into OEBB once we go but there is no telling what insurance will look like 2, 3, 5, 10 years from now.

    Now, that being said, OEBB is not our only choice.  The insurance subcommittee is also looking at a couple other options that, like them all, will be better for some, worse for others.

    If you have some opinions about insurance, the insurance committee would LOVE to hear them and would welcome help in the work that they are doing.  Just contact if you would like to participate.


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