Changes to Food Services, Titan Store and the CML

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    The Titan Store, The CML and Food Services are all under review and recommendations will be presented at the December 13 Board of Ed. meeting. Budget documents are available here.

    • Titan Store: Due to reduced enrollment levels and activity on campus, expenses continue to outpace revenue for the fourth year in a row.  The college recommends consideration of a proposal from Barnes and Noble. Existing staff would be retained in the proposal. Also recommend a restructure of Printing and Graphics and the mailroom under the new design.
      • Our Question: This change would have a potentially negative impact on Lane’s use of OER (Open Education Resources) as outlined by the OER Steering Committee in this letter.  How is this showing Titan P.R.I.D.E. and putting our students first?
    • CML: Since summer there have been adjustments to the CML that have had positive impacts in both revenue and expenses.  Changes include eliminating external catering contracts, offering fewer services at the Mary Spilde Center and controlling costs in part-time expenditures, materials and services resulting in the CML posting revenues higher than expenses.  The college believes the full time contracted staff will need to be reduced by 2.0-3.0FTE to maintain revenue-positive results for the rest of the fiscal year and overcome an ending fund deficit of $1.2 million.
      • Our Question: If we reduce the employee FTE for the CML will they be able to continue the upward trend, or will there not be enough people to do the work needed to maintain these increases?
    • Food Services: Due to reduced enrollment, Food Services expenses continue to outpace revenue for the fifth year in a row with an ending fund deficit of $2 million.  The college recommends finding placement for eligible employees and ceasing operation of college-operated, campus based food service on June 30, 2019.  Upon Board approval the college will begin negotiations and/or RFP process with outside vendors.
      • Our Question: If we cease Food Services where will our International Students find work on their limited VISAs?

    What do we all think of this? 

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    Shelby Allread

    Titan Store: I have heard that transitioning the management of the Titan Store to Barnes & Noble would increase the cost of books for students (this relates to the question about OER). What would be the average increase in cost per textbook? Is the increase big enough to potentially affect students’ ability to buy books and therefore their ability to pay for classes in general?

    CML: I don’t see how it’s possible to maintain an upward trend while decreasing the full-time employee base.

    Food Services: June 30 seems very soon for such a big change. Where would that leave food services operations for Summer 2019? What would be the timeline to have external vendors begin food operations? Is it possible to find new placements for as many part-time food service employees as there are? Is it not possible to still have 2-3 internal food services kiosks  in addition to new external vendors?

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    Brendan MacDonald

    What does “re-structure of Printing&Graphics and mailroom under the new design” mean?

    How does the changes to the Titan Store affect P&G and Mail room?

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