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    Georgia Bartlett

    Hello, I am feeling more positive again and wish to apologize for my rant a few weeks ago and especially for suggesting I may drop down from Full Membership due to my difficulty with keeping current with electronic communications…….that Janus decision came shortly afterwards and I immediately felt like I will indeed proudly retain Full Membership for as long as I am employed here, to support our Union plus now it’s an act of rebellion too! ….. 🙂 ….. I do however wish that those who choose not to be Union Members did not get to reap the rewards and benefits that we do, how is that fair? Anyway, thanks to all who care….

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    Thank you Georgia!  I’m sorry you felt differently before, but the EC sure appreciates your change of heart.  We have several positions open on the executive council if you would like to take a more active role in your rebellion, but just knowing that you are behind us helps!

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