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    David Reagan

    On 6/27/2018 the LCCEF sent out an email about the Janus v. AFSCME decision. I was very disappointed in the contents. It was very biased, and openly hostile to anyone who might believe the Supreme Court made the correct decision.

    I have not researched the details of the Supreme Courts decision, but I do firmly believe that every American should have the ability to CHOOSE whether or not they join a Union. The “FairShare” dues takes that choice away. I consider to be outright theft.

    A couple months ago, Pat Griffin came to my office door in an effort to get me to officially join the union. He listened carefully to my views on the FairShare dues, and then told me that things might change after the Supreme Court made a decision on the Janus v. AFSCME case. At that time, I told him I would join the union if the “FairShare” theft was stopped.

    Unfortunately, the 6/27 email is making me reconsider that. How can I support an entity that is openly hostile to my views? If we just disagreed, politely, I would be fine. The work the union does is important. But when an email like that is sent out, that makes me feel unwelcome and uses hostile language like “expect right-wing extremists to step up their anti-union assault”, how can I support it?

    Let me be clear, I can see the need for the union here at LaneCC and I want to support the work then do HERE.

    (As a side note: Unions claim to value diversity and acceptance. So why do I feel nervous about posting this? I shouldn’t. But the environment created by that email, as well as the generally liberal views of the College as a whole, make me nervous that I will experience a backlash. If you truly believe in diversity, please take some time to consider how you talk about, and interact with, those who hold a different political viewpoint.)

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    Rusty Shackleford


    Very well said. Anyone who has studied American jurisprudence can tell you there are court cases which are rooted solidly in a legal foundation but have an unpleasant outcome and vice versa. This happened to be the latter. The specifics as to why are explained in great detail in the 80+ page brief that I suspect Union leadership failed to read. I say that because the blatant political bias like what I saw in that letter is precisely why the SCOTUS decided Janus the way it did.

    I am profoundly disappointed in our Union’s leadership for choosing to craft the letter in such a way as to directly alienate any employee with centrist or even slightly conservative views. I completely understand that this is not the outcome that they wanted, but was the invocation of “right-wing extremists” really necessary? I felt like I was reading the prologue to a Tom Clancy novel about evil terrorists rather than official correspondence from the organization that says they fight for me. This was the final straw. Pursuant to the Janus ruling, I will be researching steps to remove my subsidy from this organization. I suggest you do the same.

    (I have chosen to use a moniker because I am equally as scared to express this view publicly for fear of being labeled as one of these so-called “right-wing extremists” stepping up their anti-union assault and being run off campus by a pitchfork mob. Every time I walk around campus I see pleasant messages like “all are welcome” but I cannot help but feel there is now an unspoken exemption for anyone these people disagree with.)

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    David Reagan

    I just want to say “thanks for apologizing” to the Union leadership.

    From the weekly communication:

    <div data-canvas-width=”557.6682715926485″>Last week the Supreme Court decided against unions in Janus vs. AFSCME. This is a setback to unions everywhere, but the message sent out by AFT-Oregon (and subsequently us) was far more harsh and political than we feel is right. (​​)</div>
    <div data-canvas-width=”610.4392421576159″>The LCCEF Executive Council regrets sending the message out to our membership without adjusting the tone and language to more closely fit Lane and the wonderful diversity that makes up our Union. Please accept our apology.</div>

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    Bob Baldwin

    Don’t worry, David.

    That letter was written by AFT, not anyone at the Local.

    The Trumpist right-wing is securely in control here.

    Just look at the latest contract for proof.

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