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Lane Community College Employees Federation
Local 2417, American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO

C O N S T I T U T I O N – ARTICLE VII – Committees

Revised and Adopted November 7, 1997

ARTICLE VII – Committees

Section 1.  Standing Committees

The following standing committees shall maintain active status:


  1.  Membership:  Chaired by the elected Membership Chair.  Plans and executes programs to promote and maintain the growth and vitality of the Federation.
  2. Bargaining:  Monitors and researches collective bargaining issues in support of the Bargaining Team.  Committee members are appointed by the President, subject to Executive Council approval.  The Bargaining Team is a subset of this committee, designated by the President and approved by the Executive Council.  The Bargain Team prepares and substantiates salary and other contract proposals; presents these proposals for the approval of the membership and negotiates the proposals with lane Community college representatives.
  3. Elections:  Conducts all elections, and monitors all election processes, including nominating, voting, balloting, counting, reporting, and sealing and archiving of ballots.  This includes overseeing the integrity of the election archives, and the ultimate purging of same.  Committee members shall be selected or approved by the general membership.  No officer or hired employee may serve on this committee, though the Vice President shall serve as liaison.  This committee shall consist of at least three (3) members, with the Chair selected by the committee.
  4. Grievance:  Chaired by the elected Grievance Chair.  Screens employee complaints for valid grievances (violations of the collective bargaining contract).  Represents grievances through the grievance process, to a point as approved by the Executive Council, until resolution.  Advises the Executive Council on whether or not to approve advancing a grievance to further levels of the process.  Prepares documents and performs presentations as required.  Maintains all grievance records.
  5. Labor:  Chaired by the elected Chief labor Delegate.  Serve as delegates to the Labor Council; elected in same manner as officers.  A position is immediately and automatically vacated if the individual loses active delegate standing with the Labor Council.
  6. Communications:  The Corresponding Secretary serves as liaison to, and works closely with, this committee.  Oversees publicity, public relations, the Federation newsletter and general publications of the Federation; promotes and organizes social activities for the Membership.
  7. Budget:  Chaired by the Treasurer.  Prepares annual budgets for approval by the Executive Council.  Budgets shall be dynamic, “working templates”, subject to adjustment during the year.  This committee shall monitor expenditures and adjust budgets as required.
  8. Audit:  Conducts internal audits of the financial and business records and operations of the Federation, as scheduled or as concerns arise.  Committee members shall be selected or approved by the general membership.  No officer or paid employee may serve on this committee, although the Treasurer shall work closely with the committee as liaison and advisor.  This committee shall consist of at least three (3) members, with the Chair selected by the committee.
  9. Constitution:  The Recording Secretary serves as liaison to , and works closely with, this committee.  Monitors the current Constitution, Bylaws, and Federation Policy Manual for effectiveness and adherence to affiliate or outside requirements; tracks suggestions for amendments to these documents; may propose formal amendments.  May state opinions on the interpretation of the governing documents.  Any appointed or elected Parliamentarian shall be automatically deemed a member of this committee.
  10. COPE (Committee on Political Education):  Chaired by the elected COPE chair.  To the extent that such activity is not legally restricted, monitors political and legislative issues of interest to the Federation, reports such to the Executive council and Membership, performs political education, works closely with affiliated organizations, recruits and coordinates voluntary political donations, and performs related functions.  The Federation Treasurer shall serve as COPE Treasurer.  All other Federation Executive Council officers shall serve as COPE committee persons, with specific duties established as required.  Other members may be appointed as appropriate.


Section 2.  Special Appointees

Special appointees shall be construed as “committees of one”, with all corresponding committee rights and responsibilities.


Section 3.  Ad Hoc Committees

Ad hoc committees for specific purposes shall be appointed by the President with Executive Council approval.


Section 4.  Committee and Chair Appointments

Except as otherwise noted, the President shall appoint the Chair of each committee; said Chair shall then appoint the members of that committee.  Chair and members are subject to Executive Council approval, and must maintain membership in good standing.


Section 5.  Removal of Committee and Chair Appointees

Except as otherwise noted, committee chairs or members may be removed by the same authority by which they were appointed or elected.  Removal may also be initiated by the membership or Executive Council in the same manner as specified for the removal of officers.


Section 6.  Officer Liaison, Involvement

An officer shall serve as either chair of, or as Executive Council liaison to, each committee; unless otherwise restricted, officers are eligible for Committee membership.


Section 7.  Committee Reporting

All committees shall report their activities to the Executive Council, and, where applicable, to the general membership.


Section 8.  Committee Chair Responsibilities

Committee Chairs shall be responsible for regularly reporting to the Executive Council, for keeping their committee active, and for seeking new committee members or prospects.


Section 9.  Term of committees and Appointments

Except as otherwise noted, all committee and Chair appointments, and all ad hoc committees themselves, expire with each term of the Executive Council.  At that time, ad hoc committees and all committee Chairs and appointments may be reestablished, as necessary.


Section 10.  Other Committee Policies

Other committee related policies, including the establishment of additional standing or ad hoc committees, may be established in the Bylaws or Federation Policy Manual.