Questions from the LCCEF Team regarding outsourcing Food Services and/or the Titan Bookstore Presented by Robin Geyer 1.10.2019

What is the cost to the college in monitoring contracts with subcontractors? Is the subcontractor paying utility costs such as electricity, water and gas? How much IT support will be needed? If the subcontractor needs access to Banner, wifi, Lane’s internal network, Lane’s phone system… the impact to IT could be quite high. Who pays Read More

Email from a union member to the college

Earlier this week I received one of those emails we sometimes see blasted out through Groupwise to a group of people. This particular email was in support of a manager who may have been unjustly released. While, as your classified union, we don’t have any power on management decisions about management, there was a section Read More

LCCEF Group Photo

To show our solidarity, the LCCEF Executive Council would like to have a group photo including as many members as can come. Date/Time:  Thursday June 28th @ 12pm (noon) Location:  The Plaza (West of  the Center Building on Main Campus) Gear:  Please wear your union garb!  Union shirt, union buttons, Union signs, Red clothing.  Whatever you Read More

The impact of Janus on LCCEF

Today, the conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court turned their backs on workers to side with the wealthy and powerful who have spent hundreds of millions to attack and defund unions. In today’s decision in the Janus v. AFSCME, the Court overturned a precedent that for more than 40 years had recognized the ability Read More