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Oregon AFL-CIO & LERC Summer School

Please join us on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene for a weekend of engaging classes Aug. 2-4 that will help you develop your leadership skills and unify labor activists across generations and industries.

Topics include:

  • Creating a Leadership Pipeline in Your Union
  • Unions and Climate Change
  • Building Trades Values, Battles and Community of Interests: Change and Challenges Facing Building Trades Unionization
  • Unions 101
  • Solidarity and LGBTQ Unionists

Summer School is open to any LCCEF member.  Particularly if you are interested in kicking the tires and considering running for office in November.  To sign up, please contact


Rep. Peter DeFazio to Host Healthcare Town Hall Meetings

EUGENE—This week, Rep. DeFazio will hold a series of town hall meetings focused on healthcare, including a discussion about access to affordable care and the rising costs of prescription drugs. These meetings are open to the public as well as members of the media.


Tuesday, April 16th

Florence Healthcare Town Hall Meeting
11:00 am-12:00 pm
Siuslaw Public Library, Bromley Room*
1460 9th Street
Florence, OR 97439


Wednesday, April 17th

Corvallis Healthcare Town Hall Meeting
1:00-2:00 pm
Corvallis-Benton County Public Library, Main Meeting Room
645 NW Monroe Avenue
Corvallis, OR 97330

Eugene Healthcare Town Hall Meeting
5:30-6:30 pm
Lane Community College
Downtown Campus, Rooms 112-114
101 W 10th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401


You’re Invited: Public Town Hall Meeting on Government Shutdown

Dear Friend,

The government shutdown has now dragged on for 34 days — the longest shutdown in our nation’s history. It’s impacting every aspect of daily life and hurting thousands of families across the country who aren’t able to pay their essential bills. This shutdown is harming our nation’s aviation system, Coast Guard, law enforcement, food inspection agencies, emergency management personnel, Forest Service, and much more.

That’s why I’ve decided to hold a public town hall meeting in Eugene this Saturday at Lane Community College.

Nearly 10,000 federal workers in Oregon alone have been furloughed or have been working without pay since before Christmas. Many families cannot make their mortgage payments, pay for childcare, afford groceries, and make payments for other important bills. The shutdown is having secondary effects on small businesses and local economies.

Please join me to hear about what’s happening in Washington, D.C. and share how this shutdown has affected you, your family, and your community.

See you there,

Rep. Peter DeFazio


Saturday, January 26- 3:00 PM PST
Town Hall Meeting on Impacts of Government Shutdown
Center for Meeting and Learning
Main Campus, Lane Community College-Building 19
4000 E. 30th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97405

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UTLA Strong!

Email from Randi Weingarten, AFT President:

This week, I was on the picket lines at schools and in the streets of Los Angeles with thousands of educators, parents and students to stand in solidarity with the members of United Teachers Los Angeles, who are on strike.

It was cold. It was rainy. But the community has been out every day, strongly supporting UTLA’s demands: smaller class sizes; more nurses, counselors and librarians; and charter school accountability, so that public neighborhood schools are the priority.

No educator wants to go on strike. We go on strike when we are out of options and know our students need more.

After two years of bargaining with the district, UTLA members had no other choice. Superintendent Austin Beutner is sitting on a $2 billion reserve, and he just got $140 million more from the state, but he claims he doesn’t have the money to hire more librarians or school counselors. And the district gives charter schools more than $600 million a year, but Beutner doesn’t want to do anything to stop the unregulated growth of charters.

The math just doesn’t add up, and it’s clear that the superintendent doesn’t understand public education or the need of kids and those who teach them.

Will you support UTLA members who are striking for a fourth day today by contacting Superintendent Austin Beutner now and urging him to meet the demands of Los Angeles teachers, parents and students?

More than 50,000 people marched in the rain on Monday to stand up for public schools, and a similar number were rallying Tuesday for charter school accountability. And that’s just the beginning. A new Loyola Marymount University poll says 82 percent of the community supports striking teachers. Parents and kids are on the picket lines daily, talking about what their teachers need.

Everyone except the superintendent is willing to admit that public schools need more. California Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed a budget that includes additional dollars for special education, teacher pensions and some increases in per-pupil funding. And L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti has agreed: It’s time to invest in existing schools, not siphon off money to build new ones.

The kids can’t wait. Now is the time in their lives to get the education they deserve. We can’t let our kids grow up thinking that this is normal, that underfunded public schools and unregulated charter schools are OK.

Send a message to Superintendent Beutner now and tell him to stop starving L.A.’s schools.

Students are bringing their teachers supplies, both for the picket line and for when they’re back in the classroom. Businesses are donating resources, and celebrities and politicians are standing up too, tweeting support and marching with us.

Together, we can make it clear to the superintendent that all across the country, people stand with L.A.’s teachers as they fight for the soul of public education.

In unity,
Randi Weingarten
AFT President


#WeAreLA – UTLA Strike Solidarity

Dear Colleagues:

While the New Year has ushered in breaths of fresh air in many states, as well as in the U.S. House of Representatives, our UTLA union family is in the midst of a serious struggle. A strike is imminent. As members of the United Teachers Los Angeles take a stand to confront austerity and fight for the conditions they and their students need, I ask you to stand with them.

UTLA members will strike on Thursday, Jan. 10, absent a contract. They are making a last-ditch attempt starting Jan. 7 to get district officials to engage in real bargaining. Los Angeles educators are fighting for every child in the city to have a safe and welcoming place for learning, and against the austerity measures for public schools that the district’s superintendent continues to promote despite almost $2 billion in reserves. 

Enough is enough. L.A. students and educators deserve better.

That’s why your national union is asking all of our locals and state affiliates to join this fight to fund our future. We must show solidarity with our colleagues in L.A. Indeed, from Jan. 10 onward, we are all L.A. 

UTLA members are fighting for things that are sadly familiar: adequate funding for public schools, counselors and nurses, smaller class size, fair compensation, community schools. These are the same issues we face all across the country. 

As the strike date approaches, we are asking you to plan for two solidarity actions. Both are important demonstrations that public education in L.A. and in every American town and city has the support of parents, educators, students and community partners. It’s crucial that we show decision-makers in Los Angeles that we stand with UTLA in this fight.

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Union Benefits

AFT is pleased to announce two new programs from AFT + Member Benefits

  1. Free College

Yes, that’s what I said-free college. Eastern Gateway Community College in Ohio is a fully accredited, nonprofit public institution that is part of the University System of Ohio. Students can enroll in the online distance-learning program with no costs for tuition, fees or e-texts. Credits earned can be transferred to a four-year college; to date, credits have transferred to 320 educational institutions in 39 states. The program offers seven associate degrees, including business administration, early childhood education, accounting, paralegal, criminal justice and two certificate programs.


This is open to all AFT members, including retirees, as well as their spouses/domestic partners, children, grandchildren, step-children, step-grandchildren, and legal dependents.

How does it work?

Under an academic partnership with Eastern Gateway Community College, the Union Plus Free College Benefit offers grants-known as “last dollar scholarships”-that fill the gap between any federal, state and employer education grants for tuition, fees and e-books for certain online programs at Eastern Gateway.

Is it too good to be true?

The AFT did a thorough review of this program and the institution. Faculty and staff are represented by our colleagues at the NEA. Ohio state law doesn’t allow adjuncts to be unionized, but the college president has made a commitment to meeting the AFT’s standards for employment of adjunct faculty.  So it is true.  And it is good.

Education is core to our mission, so we can’t think of a better program to offer as one of our newest benefits.

Share this link to the Union Plus website:

Or request a flier to distribute to members, contact


  1. Mortgage Program from Amalgamated Bank

We have joined with New York’s first “union bank” to offer a new home financing program. The program offers competitive interest rates and discounts on mortgages and refinancing solutions.  

Program highlights:

  • Flexible adjustable-rate mortgages and stable fixed-rate mortgages;
  • Refinance lending options;
  • Competitive rates and timely approvals;
  • An easy prequalification and online application process;
  • $700 in discounts on origination fees for AFT members; and
  • Strike protection eligibility, where Amalgamated Bank will waive up to three late-payment fees if a member’s local is on strike.

Why Amalgamated Bank?

The mission of Amalgamated Bank is one we can all ascribe to as union members and public servants-“to be the financial institution for progressive people and organizations: those who are working and living to make the world more just, more compassionate and more sustainable.”

Share this link to the Amalgamated Mortgage Program:

Or request a flier to copy and distribute to members, contact


Reminder: Accidental Death & Dismemberment

As of Aug. 1, 2017, all working AFT members have $5,000 of accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage. This is in addition to the optional local-paid coverage some AFT affiliates carry. The AFT purchased this coverage to encourage locals to talk to their members to provide beneficiary information and to increase the perceived value of local membership. Beneficiary cards are to be kept in a secure place at the local union, or we can help you set up a secure cloud-based beneficiary card. Visit for information on the coverage and related resources.  This coverage is for active members only, not retired members or fair share payers.

For information on this or other AFT Member Benefits programs, please visit the AFT website: or call AFT Member Benefits at 800-238-1133, ext. 8643, or email:

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AFSCME: Rally for Respect, Dignity, and a Fair Contract Sept 18, 2017

Stand With Lane County Workers for a Better Contract


Rally for Respect, Dignity, and a Fair Contract


Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza


Sept. 18th, 12 P.M.


Lane County Workers need your help! After nine months of negotiations, we are still without a contract. Those who are people of faith, believe in social justice, and union brothers and sisters, we need you. We are standing up against an economic attack on our community and need you standing shoulder to shoulder with us. Come support the workers of Lane County Local 2831.


Join Lane County Workers on the Picket Line!

Picket LocationsAFSCME Strike News AFSCME FacebookStrike Website


Key Facebook Updates:


10.23.2017 9: 29 pm: Video of this evening’s press conference. Get the facts! #LaneCoStrike 

10.23.2017 2: 05 am: Local 2831 sat down with the County today and bargained until 1 AM. The County passed a proposal around 5:30 PM, our Union countered around 11:00 PM. Our Union’s proposal made more movement toward the management proposal, in hopes of reaching a settlement. At roughly, 1 AM, the state mediator let us know that the County would be declining to respond to our proposal today. Our Union expects to hear from the County by end of day Monday.

The team was extremely disappointed and believed the parties could have reached an agreement this morning, averting the strike continuing. Instead, we will all be on the picket line tomorrow! Stay strong, stay united, and we will win! #LaneCoStrike

10.20.2017 6: 49 pm: Statement from Oregon AFSCME Local 2831: The Commissioners decision to not come to the table and bargain today means this strike will continue. We believe the gap between the parties to be roughly $1 million over three years for each contract. Their shameful actions are causing harm to vulnerable communities and to dedicated public servants. Our members will stay strong and united! #LaneCoStrike

10.19.2017 3: 13 pm: The Lane County Government just held a press conference with KVAL Newsand lied through their teeth about the negotiations! Shameful. We bargained in good faith to get to an agreement, got extremely close to their offer, then they walked away from the table. #LaneCoStrike

10.18.2017 9: 23 am: The bargaining team of Local 2831 worked tirelessly through the night to get to a deal. The County’s bargaining team walked away from the table instead of pursuing a deal to limit the impact of a strike. The County Commissioners and County Administrator Steve Mokrohisky now own this strike and its impacts on vulnerable populations.  #LaneCoStrike 

10.18.2017 8: 54 am: Despite bargaining 32 hours in the last two and half days, and making major movement, Steve “Scott Walker” Mokrohisky and the county’s bargaining team walked away from negotiations forcing the strike to continue. Workers are standing strong and the picket lines are rockin! #LaneCoStrike



AFSCME in the News:


10.17.2017 8 pm Update: Lane County Commissioners voted 3-1 to move forward. AFSCME Local 2831 is still in mediation but planning to strike starting Wednesday morning.
Thanks to GTFF 3544 for posting the picket locations and times!

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10.17.2017 10 am Update: Today, the Lane County Commissioners are scheduled to take a vote on whether to impose the county’s final offer to Lane County workers from AFSCME Local 2831.

Sign the petition to County Commissioners here: AFSCME Lane County Workers Petition