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Urgent, Make your voice count!

Some have expressed concerns that the volume of information is overwhelming and we wanted to provide a brief summary and a link to the rate chart estimates.

If we go to the ODL drug list it will save us 1.5% and currently it will only impact a few of our members who would have to switch to a generic equivalent or pay a higher copay.

EE $6.16 per paycheck savings

EE + 1 $14.17 per paycheck savings

Full Family $17.37 per paycheck savings


Adjusted Alternative Care Plan (remove massage and reduce benefit from $2500 to $2000) will save you this much:

EE $4.69 per paycheck savings

EE + 1 $10.79 per paycheck savings

Full Family $13.23 per paycheck savings


If we stay with Option 1, which is our current plans with the 9% increase, the additional out of paycheck costs are the following:

PSN Plan A $500 Deductible

EE $41.93 per paycheck additional cost

EE + 1 $96.23 per paycheck additional cost

Full Family $118.38 per paycheck additional cost


It is imperative that you review the rate charts to understand what the other options will cost you.

Link to estimated rate charts

These charts are estimates at this point, but they should put you in the ballpark.

We need to make a decision by Tuesday concerning which plan we will go with, if we want to get things in place by July 1.  With this in mind we will keep the survey open until end of day on Monday May 28.  Also, if you have already completed the survey you can take it again to change your answers.

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Insurance Considerations for 2018-19 Renewal

LCCEF leadership has been evaluating options to help alleviate the renewal increase for our current insurance plan. For 2018-19, the current plan renewal came in at 9%. This 9% includes the rate stabilization amount of $175,000 that had been provided by PacificSource during our renewal last year. There is no longer a discussion about moving to Oregon Educators Benefits Board (OEBB) this year.

Next week we will be conducting a survey to find out our member’s preferred options.  Everyone is welcome to take the survey but we will only tabulate the results of full members as full members will be the ones to make the decision to ratify the contract.  If you would like to become a full member in time to have your survey count and then be able to vote on the contract ratification please deliver a completed member form to any of your Union Officers before the end of the day Wednesday, May 23.

Click here to find the plan options. 

It’s important for you to review the insurance plans. Be prepared to bring questions to one of the insurance information sessions:

  • Tuesday, May 22, 2018 from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. in the Boardroom
  • Tuesday, May 22, 2018 from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. in the Boardroom