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Dues Update

Greetings LCCEF Members,

Today Linda, Buck and I met with Aneita Grogan to discuss the implication of the new structure of union dues which was voted for by our members this fall. There was testing done before they implemented the …

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President’s Update

To my Colleagues and Friends,

Here we are at almost August 1st! We are busy working for you on bargaining, the Us Too Grievance, putting together a vote that would allow us to use electronic voting, and much more….; however, …

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Urgent, Make your voice count!

Some have expressed concerns that the volume of information is overwhelming and we wanted to provide a brief summary and a link to the rate chart estimates.

If we go to the ODL drug list it will save us 1.5%

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Insurance Considerations for 2018-19 Renewal

LCCEF leadership has been evaluating options to help alleviate the renewal increase for our current insurance plan. For 2018-19, the current plan renewal came in at 9%. This 9% includes the rate stabilization amount of $175,000 that had been provided