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Bargaining Today & Survey

Bargaining Survey on 1039s

Based on Management’s comments regarding Article 3, on why they would like to keep long term 1039s, we have a survey for everyone to help us provide information back to management on this article on today at 2 pm. Please complete this survey if you have not already!

LCCEF Survey: 1039s as Flexible Option for Management

Article Status as of 11/29 Bargaining Meeting

Here’s the status of articles (and selected appendices) as of the last Bargaining:

Article 1 (Agreement) – Not Opened

Article 2 (Length of Agreement & Reopener terms) – Coming Soon

Article 3 (Recognition/ Exclusive Bargaining Agent) – Waiting on us

Article 4 (Union Representation) – Waiting on us

Article 5 (Employee Rights) – TA’d

Article 6 (Savings Clause) – Not Opened

Article 7 (Dues * Fair Share) – TA’d

Article 8 (No Strike/Lockout) – Not Opened

Article 9 (Management Rights) – Not Opened

Article 10 (Grievance Procedure) – Not Opened

Article 11

    New 11 (Personnel Policies) – TA’d

    New 12 (Layoff, Recall, Seniority) – Waiting on Management

    New 13 (Reclass, Reclass Appeal, Classification System) – TA’d

    New 14 (Vacancies, Trial Period, Reassignments, Administrative Transfers) – Waiting on Management

Article 12 (Working Hours) – Waiting on Management

Article 13 (Fringe Benefits) – Waiting on us

Article 14 (Leaves with Pay) – Coming Soon

    Sick Leave Bank – Provided to Management

Article 15 (Leaves without Pay) – Not Opened

Article 16 (Pay Policies) – Waiting on us

Article 17 (Wages) – Waiting on us

Article 18 (Class & Comp) – Waiting on Management

Article 19 (Interim Bargaining) – Not Opened

Article 20 (Email Accounts) – TA’d

Article 21 (Budget Exingency) – Not Opened

Article XX (Virtual Work) – Waiting on Management

Article XX (Professional Development) – Waiting on Management

Appendix B (Titan Court) – TA’d

Appendix C (Job Families) – Waiting on Management

That’s 8 not opened, 2 coming soon, 7 waiting on management, 5 waiting on us, and 6 TA’d. We’ve also made progress on incorporating MOAs, with about 5 MOAs left to fully incorporate.

Bargaining Schedule

The pace for bargaining has sped up as both teams plan to meet 3 times per week. Your attendance is more than welcomed. We will also provide the LCCEF Zoom link below.

Attend as an observer in person or online.

LCCEFs Zoom:

Upcoming Dates:

December 1st 2-3:30pm, 30/121 Today!

December 4th 1-2pm, 30/121
December 6th 4-5pm, 30/121
December 8th 2-3:30pm, 30/121
December 11th 10-11pm, 30/121
December 13th 10-11am, 30/121
December 15th 2-3:30pm, 30/121

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LCC Classified Professionals deserve:

  • Fair and comparable wages
  • Safe and clean working conditions
  • Equitable staffing levels
  • Job Security
  • Quality Health insurance coverage
  • Summer closure days
  • Workplace Inclusivity
  • Remote work options
  • Opportunities for promotion

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