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Special Update: Elections & Bargaining

Election Results

The Election Committee finished counting the ballots and here are the results:

  • Vice President of Labor Relations – Tami Hill 
  • Membership Officer – Buck Potter 
  • Communications Officer –  Claire Graman 
  • Treasurer – Linda Reling
  • Chief Labor Delegate – Mark Jordan
  • Cope Officer –  Fiora Starchild-Wolf 
  • Elections Committee Member –  Zach Rousch
  • Amendment to Union Bylaws, Article IV: approved

The Executive Committee is very excited for everyone that won and are looking forward to welcoming them to our team.

Take care,

Elections Committee

Elections Committee:

Kyle Schmidt, Chair – 

Susie Kekec –

Rosa Maria Bañuelos-Uribe – 

Bargaining Update

Bargaining has been busy, and we’re expecting the tempo to pick up even further after Thanksgiving, with Management suggesting we move to three bargaining sessions per week. Here’s where we are right now:


One of our long standing requests has been for an updated bargaining calculator which reflects the changes in positions since the previous calculator was built (March, 2023). We received an updated calculator last week, and pointed out what we think is an error, and are hoping that’ll be resolved soon.

Article 3:

This article contains a lot of definitions on types of workers, as well as rules around temporary workers and 1039s. We’re really close on this one, but Management’s proposal last week was incomplete. We’re expecting a new proposal on this article soon.

Article new 12 (formerly part of Article 11):

This article deals with Layoffs, Bumping, and Recall. We returned another proposal to Management, trying to increase notification time for layoffs, simplifying rehiring of laid off 1039s, guaranteeing time to consider job offers while on the recall list, and reducing trial service for 1039s hired into their positions as C1s or C2s.

Article new 14 (formerly part of Article 11):

This article deals with Vacancies, Trial Period, Reassignments, and Administrative Transfers. We returned a proposal trying to guarantee the College will preserve institutional knowledge by attempting to place employees into new jobs who, for whatever reason, are suddenly unable to do their current job; increasing the length of the evaluation period for employees who are being transferred for performance reasons, and requiring an annual notice to employees who are on the transfer list.

Article 18:

This article deals with Classification and Compensation. All sides are in agreement that we need a Comp & Class study, but those who have been around a while may remember previous attempts to make this happen. Our proposal had requested a standing committee to either commission a study with a vendor, or to do the study internally but continuously. Management’s counter-proposal was closer to what we had previously: a simple agreement to hire a vendor to do a study and then bargain compensation.This will be a topic of discussion at our upcoming Bargaining Team meetings, our goal is to avoid the implementation issues of the past.

Appendix B:

This appendix deals with Titan Court, and provides a waiver to not require it to be staffed with classified employees. We TA’d this appendix this week, with a minor change requiring the analysis for internal vs external staffing to be provided at least thirty days before publishing an RFP for a new management firm.

Sick Leave Bank:

One of the COVID MOAs required the College and Union to negotiate a Sick Leave Bank. We made a partial proposal on old article 14 to respond to that by creating a Sick Leave Bank. Paid Leave Oregon has somewhat changed the landscape around sick leave since the original MOA, but we still see value in a Sick Leave Bank. Management is going to review the details of Paid Leave Oregon considering our potential scenarios, as their concern in managing an internal Sick Leave Bank.


We also spent some time going through the status of our articles. Here’s that status:

Article 1 (Agreement) – Not Opened

Article 2 (Length of Agreement & Reopener terms) – Coming Soon

Article 3 (Recognition/ Exclusive Bargaining Agent) – Waiting on Management

Article 4 (Union Representation) – Waiting on us

Article 5 (Employee Rights) – TA’d

Article 6 (Savings Clause) – Not Opened

Article 7 (Dues * Fair Share) – TA’d

Article 8 (No Strike/Lockout) – Not Opened

Article 9 (Management Rights) – Not Opened

Article 10 (Grievance Procedure) – Not Opened

Article 11

    New 11 (Personnel Policies) – TA’d

    New 12 (Layoff, Recall, Seniority) – Waiting on Management

    New 13 (Reclass, Reclass Appeal, Classification System) – TA’d

    New 14 (Vacancies, Trial Period, Reassignments, Administrative Transfers) – Waiting on Management

Article 12 (Working Hours) – Coming Soon

Article 13 (Fringe Benefits) – Waiting on us

Article 14 (Leaves with Pay) – Coming Soon

Article 15 (Leaves without Pay) – Not Opened

Article 16 (Pay Policies) – Waiting on us

Article 17 (Wages) – Waiting on us

Article 18 (Class & Comp) – Waiting on us

Article 19 (Interim Bargaining) – Not Opened

Article 20 (Email Accounts) – TA’d

Article 21 (Budget Exingency) – Not Opened

Article XX (Virtual Work) – Waiting on Management

That’s 8 not opened, 3 coming soon, 4 waiting on management, 5 waiting on us, and 5 TA’d. One of our goals has also been to incorporate the more than 30 MOAs that have been signed since the start of the last contract, as well as anything from the 15 appendices to the contract, in order to make it easier for everyone to understand. There are 7 or 8 MOAs that still need incorporation, and several appendices have been fully incorporated.

LCC Classified Professionals deserve:

  • Fair and comparable wages
  • Safe and clean working conditions
  • Equitable staffing levels
  • Job Security
  • Quality Health insurance coverage
  • Summer closure days
  • Workplace Inclusivity
  • Remote work options
  • Opportunities for promotion


Due to the short week and many officers out on vacation, there will not be a full newsletter this week.

We hope you enjoy your holiday weekend!

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