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November Newsletter, Issue #65

Issue # 65: November 2, 2023

Update from the President

Frankie Cocanour


This is an update from the bargaining team:

Early last week, the college provided updated economic proposals. For wages, their proposal is:

  • 2023-2024: 3.7% COLA, with steps for all step eligible employees (including 1039s)
  • 2024-2025: 2.25% COLA, with steps for all step eligible employees (including 1039s)

For benefits, their proposal:

  • Maintains this year’s insurance rates, but passes any future insurance rate increase directly to the employees
  • Is unclear on changes to the 1039 benefit stipend
  • Restores the Section 125 (FSA) match, but removes the previously available stipends
  • Restores the HSA

The insurance rate increase is extremely important. While we would all see greater take home pay this year, insurance rates increase every year and compound. In three years, if OEBB maintains increases similar to what they’ve done in the past, most of us would pay 10% more in premiums every year. For a full family employee on OEBB Plan 1, that amount would be roughly $300 per month – likely greater than your COLA this year.

1. Classified Minimum Contribution. In order to participate in a Sec. 125 account, classified members shall continue to contribute a minimum of $240 per year.

2. College Contribution: Employee Only.

a. For classified members contributing $500 or less to Sec. 125, the College shall

contribute $500 annually to the classified member’s Sec. 125 account. In addition, the

College shall pay a stipend of$170 to such classified members no later than February 10

each calendar year.

b. For classified members contributing between $500.01-$670.00 to Sec. 125, the College shall match the classified member’s contribution dollar for dollar up to $670.00. (This red text was crossed off in the administration’s proposal) In addition, the College shall pay a stipend no later than February 10 each calendar year according to the following formula where x is the amount the classified member contributes annually. ($670 – x) = stipend amount. Example: if a classified member contributes $600, the stipend amount will be 70 i.e., ($670 – $600) = $70.

Board Meeting:

Many of you might have heard that the four classified positions are no longer at risk. That is not 100% correct. We have worked with the administration to save the positions and the administration put forth a package that would do just that. The issue is that the package has not been voted for and won’t be until next month. There are members of the larger community that are pushing board members to make the cuts that will downsize. The classified employees need their coworkers and friends on this campus to show up for them one more time. We need everyone that can come to the next board meeting on Wednesday, December 6th. If you decide to email the board I have a special ask. I want you to ask that they put your letter in board docs.

And please include Celia Wright when you make your request for them to be included in the Board Docs

I shared this information with the BOE last night. The college administration has told us that they are in financial straits due to 84% of the college budget being labor costs. It is important for the board to understand as we are bargaining that though we are part of the 84%, we are not a large part of that. We are underpaid.

“It has been shared previously that the labor costs are 84% of the college budget. I would like it noted that all of the classified professionals only make up 33% of that 84%, Here’s a succinct breakdown of the financial details:

  • C1 Employee Class: These roles, constituting 29% of personnel costs, serve as the cornerstone of our daily college operations. Their dedication, despite being behind the scenes, is indispensable to our success.
  • C2 Employee Class: At 1% of personnel costs, these positions, although seemingly small in financial allocation, contribute significantly to essential operational aspects, making their presence invaluable.
  • C3 Employee Class: Representing 3% of personnel costs, these employees play a crucial role in ensuring the effectiveness of various functions, demonstrating their dedication to our institution.

Furthermore, we acknowledge the significance of Management, Full-Time Faculty, and Part-Time Faculty Costs:

  • Management Costs: Accounting for 12.9% of personnel costs, our management personnel are vital in governing, administrating, and coordinating the college. Their diligence ensures efficient college operations, and we greatly appreciate their contributions.
  • FT Faculty Costs: Full-time faculty members, making up 40.6% of personnel costs, lie at the heart of our educational mission. They provide high-quality instruction, curricular design, and invaluable guidance for student success.
  • PT Faculty Costs: Comprising 13.5% of personnel costs, our part-time faculty members are equally essential in supporting our academic endeavors and facilitating student development.”

Flu Shot Clinics For Employees:

Walk-in flu shot clinics are available for employees at the Health Clinic. There are two more flu shot clinics in November, this will be the last opportunity for employees to get their flu shots at the Health Clinic this year.

Walk-in flu shot clinics are available for employees and students through the month of October.

Building 18, room 101, no appointment needed.

Flu shots cost $20 unless you have Trillium or PacificSource Community Solutions (OHP) insurance. We are happy to give you a receipt that you may submit to your insurance. We are unable to give you a flu shot if you have Medicare part B.

Call 541-463-5665 if you have any questions. 

Flu shot clinic dates:

November 8, 1-3:30

November ?: 12:30-3:30 (maybe)


Announcements and Reminders

Executive Officer Elections 2023

The election starts Friday! Be sure to watch your inbox for an email from Election Runner which will contain a link to allow you to vote.
Curious about who’s running? Check out the elections web page.

You are all invited! Four of our candidates have requested Meet the Candidate Zoom sessions: 

Zack Roush, Elections Committee: October 31, 2023, at 12:00 PM


Linda Reling, Treasurer: November 2, 2023, at 12:00 PM

Buck Potter, Membership Officer: November 3, 2023, at 12:00PM

Claire Graman, Communications Officer: November 3, 2023 at 12:30PM

Each will be recorded, and the recordings will be both posted to the elections website.

Take care,

Elections Committee


Newsletter Feedback

We want to hear from you! Please take a few minutes to give us your feedback on our Weekly Newsletter.  Newsletter Feedback Survey Google Form


Friday, November 3, 2023 AT 2:00 pm

We know Friday at 2 pm is not a convenient time for members to join bargaining as an observer in person, but can you spare a break? We are asking members to wear red, take a break, meet in 30/135, and walk in to bargaining together holding signs. This can show management we are paying attention.

Attend in person as an observer in LCC Building 30, Room 121 or online in LCCEFs Zoom

Members have requested to see the proposed Articles of the Bargaining Team and the College Team. Below is a link you can use to get in the weeds with your Bargaining Team! 

Current Articles for Bargaining

Members are welcomed to observe via Zoom with your microphones and cameras OFF, please. I will be running a Slack Chat to allow observers to chat with me and I can pass ideas to the team at the table. I will actually be at the table also but also in the chat and the Slack chat to answer questions you may have. Email me your private email address to: colinlccef@ so I can add you to the Slack chat. There is also a link below for anyone to RSVP on a Google form. You will find the link for the bargaining meeting below:



RSVP for bargaining Slack Chat

Vice President of Labor Relations

Buck Potter (2022-2023 Term)

Vice President of Organizing

Colin Vurek (2023-2024 Term)

Greetings members, bargaining continues tomorrow Friday, November 3, 2023 from 2:00pm to 3:30pm in Building 30. Please see the above announcement for further information. We love to see you all there in-person for the action planned by the CAT.

We want to hear from you! Share your experiences and concerns as an LCC Classified Employee. We’ll use this feedback to best meet your needs with bargaining and strategy.

We are asking for your name and L Number to better analyze the data received.

Please take just a few minutes to fill out the Survey below so we can get it right!  


CAT is working on a number of in-person actions at the next bargaining session on Friday, November 3, 2023 from 2:00pm to 3:30pm in Building 30 room 121. It is extremely important that observers use the LCCEF Zoom link and NOT the one that the college sends out! We want to have better control over how members-observers are viewing the session! 

LCCEFs Zoom meets every Wednesday at 12:00pm to 1:00pm. If you’d like to join and help out with actions, membership drives and be part of something big email me at:!



Grievance Officer

Claudia Riumallo (2023-2024 Term)


Linda Reling (2022-2023 Term)

Happy November! I hope to see you at tomorrow’s bargaining session. 🙂

Records Officer

Tracy Weimer (2022-2024 Term)

Don’t miss the bargaining session, things are heating up and we need all hands to get a fair contract. If you have the time or inclination, the Board of Education meetings are heating up too. We still need folks to stand up for the classified employees named in the reduction package; no vote has taken place to accept the proposal that removes that threat, we must remain vigilant.

Communications Officer

Marleena Pearson (2022-2023 Term)

Contract Action Team has created a survey to get member stories on what this bargaining is important to you. Member testimonials can be powerful for bargaining. Please take just a few minutes to fill out the LCCEF CAT Survey

Tomorrow, we are bargaining in 30/121 and via Zoom. There are a few articles being discussed at the table on Friday, including ways to continue the remote working options available.

Membership Officer

Skye Nguyen (2022-2023 Term)

Hello and good day to everyone! I was just revving some of my reporting from this year so far and we have all done really well. We have accumulated about 38 new members this year. Only about 9 left due to dropping membership or retiring. Let’s keep pushing to increase this membership and great job to the CAT team for the membership drives as well! 

If there are any questions about membership or someone has interest in joining, they can reach out to me ( or fill out the online membership form!

Your Benefit Info of the Week

Did you know that members get some really useful benefits? This week we are highlighting  the AFT Legal Program with Metlife! If you are thinking of looking into legal services for a personal matter you might be able to find a more affordable price through your union membership benefits. Some of the options include hiring an attorney or just asking a legal question. Review the details of this program and see if it might be a good fit for you. 

Find out what other benefits you are qualified for as union members by going to

Resources you may need!

Submit an Important Life Event for you or another member may have coming up.

Chief Labor Delegate

Mark Jordan (2022-2023 Term)

COPE Officer

Fiora Starchild-Wolf (2022-2023 Term)

Hi Everyone,

I have been spending a lot of my time as part of the Bargaining Team, and we’ve been hard at work trying to work for a fair contract.

As your COPE (Political Education) Officer, I’d like to “connect the dots” to how political action can help us all get what we need going forward. 

Reaching Out to Elected Officials and Others:  This can be anyone you know who has run for any kind of office–from union leadership at other unions, who may be willing to support us in some way, to our Labor Commissioner, our Congresswoman, our state representatives and senators. Our City Councilors. And our Board members.  LCCEF has endorsed and supported a number of politicians who ran for local or state, or federal, office.  These include Congresswoman Val Hoyle, Paul Holvey in his recent landslide win against recall, Matt Keating as City Councilor, and a number of our current Board members. Our support of them in getting elected translates to their support of us when they see us struggling.  

These are just a few elected officials, but you may know others. You may live in Springfield or Oakridge, Cottage Grove or Florence area, and maybe you know some of your city councilors, perhaps members of other unions, such as GTFF over at UO. LCCEF supported Starbucks in their unionization efforts.

How do you reach out to them?  The best way is to either call their offices, or email them. In the case of Board members, it is VERY powerful and important to speak directly to them in public comments at Board meetings. We can support you in doing so.

What do you tell them?   The best thing to do is to tell them how you are being affected by the current Cost of Living, how you need access to your health care but deductibles are high, or maybe how your working conditions are impacting your ability to serve our community of students. Are you experiencing loss of staffing in your department?  How does this impact your ability to do your job?  How does your job connect with student success? (We KNOW it does!).  If you like remote work, and wish to have it written in the contract, explain how this not only benefits you, but how you feel working remotely serves students. Maybe compare this to students’ frequent desire for remote classes.  

If nothing else:  Just tell them you are concerned about getting a fair contract, and how Classified Professionals are the backbone of the College–making things run smoothly in everything from security, to registering for classes, to financial aid, to computer systems running,  to SO many support services for students, to making sure the toilets are clean and the buildings are functional.  And so very much more. How do YOU impact things–and what happens if you are gone?  

What NOT to tell them!   We do want to stay away from getting too specific.  If you are attending our bargaining sessions, either remotely or in person, you know a lot of the specifics. But we want to avoid giving specific numbers and amounts.  


The United Auto Workers Strike is OVER, with HUGE success and agreements!

Portland Educators marched across the Burnside Bridge hoping to avoid a strike, but getting ready for one.

What Portland Educators are asking for

Kaiser Permanente workers, including Oregon, won a good contract after striking for 3 days!

For Those Who Love Data:  The Bureau of Labor Statistics has it all!

Writers Guild–Success!

Officer At Large

Katie Neall (2023-2024 Term)

I  am pleased to announce that the first NEW Employee Orientation to happen at Lane in several years is scheduled for Thursday, November 16th, 2:30pm-4:30pm. Mark your calendars! We will be meeting in person (building and room number will be announced). If you are unable to attend in person, I’ll be setting up a Zoom link so folks can attend remotely. 

RSVP for the New Employee Orientations: LCCEF New Employee Orientation RSVP

If you are a new employee, and you have never received a New Employee Orientation (many “new” employees have been employed at Lane a year or more and never had one) please reach out. Oregon State Legislation grants our union a thirty minute session with each new employee. It is your protected right! If you are unable to attend this session, let me know and we will try to accommodate you at another time.

As always, I want to know how you’re doing! Some questions I have for you are: 

  1. What does being a classified employee mean to you?
  2. Do you feel valued as a 1039 classified employee?
  3. How will you, as a 1039 employee, be impacted by the current bargaining offer?

If you know some C3s, let them know that as Officer at Large, I am here to advocate for them and their needs on campus. Email me at

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