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Bargaining Update & Survey

Bargaining Update from 11/29:

As expected, our tempo has picked up, having met three times in the last week (dates below after the update). Here’s where we are right now:


Errors have been corrected in the calculator, and we’re looking at financials.

Article 3:

This article contains a lot of definitions on types of workers, as well as rules around temporary workers and 1039s. Management returned their proposal at the 11/29 session, and we anticipate returning a counter soon. We’re getting very close on this one.

Based on Management’s comments on why they would like to keep long term 1039s, we have a survey for everyone to help us provide information back to management on this article on Friday.

LCCEF Survey: 1039s as Flexible Option for Management

Article 12:

This article deals with working hours, overtime, workload, health and safety, and working days. In addition to proposing a change to how overtime is calculated, we also proposed raising the cap in comp time carryover, requiring the development of a workplace violence and bullying prevention program, and incorporated language from the various COVID MOAs which may be applicable under a future public health emergency in order to expedite the college’s response to a future public health crisis.

Article 18:

This article deals with Classification and Compensation. We returned a proposal at the 11/27 session which more clearly defined the conditions for considering a comp & class study complete, and which requires the creation of an oversight committee with union participation.

Appendix C:

This appendix deals with how job classifications are split into job families. We agreed with some of management’s proposals for job family changes, including the creation of a public safety job family, but disagreed with some of their proposed changes which we felt would have created very small families that could then be targeted for layoffs. We also sought to ensure appendix C would be reopened when bargaining implementation of the class & comp study.

Professional Development Article:

We proposed moving language around professional development out of the fringe benefits article (13) and into it’s own article.


We also spent some time going through the status of our articles. Here’s the status of articles (and selected appendices) today:

Article 1 (Agreement) – Not Opened

Article 2 (Length of Agreement & Reopener terms) – Coming Soon

Article 3 (Recognition/ Exclusive Bargaining Agent) – Waiting on us

Article 4 (Union Representation) – Waiting on us

Article 5 (Employee Rights) – TA’d

Article 6 (Savings Clause) – Not Opened

Article 7 (Dues * Fair Share) – TA’d

Article 8 (No Strike/Lockout) – Not Opened

Article 9 (Management Rights) – Not Opened

Article 10 (Grievance Procedure) – Not Opened

Article 11

    New 11 (Personnel Policies) – TA’d

    New 12 (Layoff, Recall, Seniority) – Waiting on Management

    New 13 (Reclass, Reclass Appeal, Classification System) – TA’d

    New 14 (Vacancies, Trial Period, Reassignments, Administrative Transfers) – Waiting on Management

Article 12 (Working Hours) – Waiting on Management

Article 13 (Fringe Benefits) – Waiting on us

Article 14 (Leaves with Pay) – Coming Soon

    Sick Leave Bank – Provided to Management

Article 15 (Leaves without Pay) – Not Opened

Article 16 (Pay Policies) – Waiting on us

Article 17 (Wages) – Waiting on us

Article 18 (Class & Comp) – Waiting on Management

Article 19 (Interim Bargaining) – Not Opened

Article 20 (Email Accounts) – TA’d

Article 21 (Budget Exingency) – Not Opened

Article XX (Virtual Work) – Waiting on Management

Article XX (Professional Development) – Waiting on Management

Appendix B (Titan Court) – TA’d

Appendix C (Job Families) – Waiting on Management

That’s 8 not opened, 2 coming soon, 7 waiting on management, 5 waiting on us, and 6 TA’d. We’ve also made progress on incorporating MOAs, with about 5 MOAs left to fully incorporate.

Bargaining Schedule

The pace for bargaining has sped up as both teams plan to meet 3 times per week. Your attendance is more than welcomed. We will also provide the LCCEF Zoom link below.

Attend as an observer in person or online.

LCCEFs Zoom:

Upcoming Dates:
December 1st 2-3:30pm, 30/121
December 4th 1-2pm, 30/121
December 6th 4-5pm, 30/121
December 8th 2-3:30pm, 30/121
December 11th 10-11pm, 30/121
December 13th 10-11am, 30/121
December 15th 2-3:30pm, 30/121

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LCC Classified Professionals deserve:

  • Fair and comparable wages
  • Safe and clean working conditions
  • Equitable staffing levels
  • Job Security
  • Quality Health insurance coverage
  • Summer closure days
  • Workplace Inclusivity
  • Remote work options
  • Opportunities for promotion

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