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July Newsletter, Issue #48

Issue # 48: July 6, 2023

Update from the President

Frankie Cocanour

Appointments To Councils:

I know that I keep posting this, but that is because we need to get these positions filled. I will keep asking until they are all filled. 

It’s that time of year where we need to make appointments to councils. If you are a union appointee to a council and would like to continue with your work please let me know so that I can reappoint you. If you are interested in a committee or council and would like a union appointment, please let me know. Here is the list that I have where we need appointments made.

Diversity Council – 2 appointments

Infrastructure Council – 2 appointments left

Student Success – 2 appointments left


We meet next Tuesday July 11th at 11:00 am for bargaining. We will send out an update ahead of time with the articles that we will be discussing with the college so that if you are watching you can follow along easier.

Disciplinary Meetings With Your Manager:

If you get a notice that you are going to be written up or that your manager has you meet them in their office to discipline you please remember that you have Weingarten Rights. Among the rights protected by Section 7 is the right of union-represented employees, upon request, to have their representative present during an interview that the employee reasonably believes could lead to discipline.  This right was first articulated by the Supreme Court in the case, NLRB v. J. Weingarten, Inc.  In that case, the Court found that Section 7 of the NLRA protects employees who refuse to submit to certain interviews without a requested representative present. 

An employee’s requested representative, which may be a union steward, business agent or officer, or fellow employee, is often referred to as a “Weingarten representative.”  Weingarten representatives are entitled to provide advice and active assistance to employees during investigatory interviews.  Employees’ right to request their representatives are frequently referred to as “Weingarten rights.” 

Employers violate the NLRA if they proceed with an investigatory interview while refusing an employee’s request or retaliate against them for making the request.  Depending on the circumstances of each case, the Board may order that the employer cease and desist, post a remedial notice, require the employer to repeat the interview with a union member present, or rescind and remedy discipline resulting from a Weingarten violation. 

There are more to your Weingarten Rights than I put in this newsletter. It’s always a good thing to read them and be aware of your rights. The other thing I want everyone to know is that if you have made a mistake at work and they are going to write you up, please don’t be embarrassed to have a union representative with you. We are all human and we have all made mistakes that we have either been talked to about or gotten in trouble for ourselves at some point in our lives. When we are in there with you we are more concerned about you being treated fairly. That is all that is important us.


Announcements and Reminders


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Vice President of Labor Relations

Buck Potter (2022-2023 Term)

Good Thursday to my colleagues:

We have some Labor and Grievance issues we are dealing with between Classified and Management, mostly disciplinary. Remember that should you be called to meet with your Manager and there is any hint of disciplinary action, you need to invoke your Weingarten Rights, and not say any more until you can have a Union Presence in the meeting with you.

One question the EC has been discussing is what our fellow Classified members would like to do as social outings and events outside of Lane (Eugene Emeralds Games, Social Nights, etc.) If you have an idea or would like to plan something, please reach out to one of us on the Executive Council, and let us know your thoughts.

Union Moments in History

July 5th – “Bloody Thursday” Pacific Coast Maritime Strike Casualties – 1934

July 7th – Cloakmakers strike NY City sweatshops – 1910

Enjoy Your Extended Weekend, and Be Safe!  

Vice President of Organizing

Colin Vurek (2023-2024 Term)

Greetings members, 

BARGAINING CONTINUES Tuesday, July 11, 2023 AT 11:00AM! 

Members are welcomed to observe via Zoom with your microphones and cameras OFF, please. I will be running a Slack Chat to allow observers to chat with me and I can pass ideas to the team at the table. I will actually be at the table also but bouncing into the chat to answer questions you may have. Email me your private email address to: colinlccef@ so I can add you to the Slack chat. There is also a link below for anyone to RSVP on a Google form. You will find the link for the bargaining meeting below:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 961 8362 3044

One tap mobile

+13462487799,,96183623044# US (Houston)

Dial by your location

       +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)

Feel free to use the image below as your Zoom background. 


RSVP to be added to Slack Chat during bargaining



I also have window clings and stickers for you to flaunt your support for your union! See below



Grievance Officer

Claudia Riumallo (2023-2024 Term)

Always Do Your Best. Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.

Don Miguel Ruiz


Linda Reling (2022-2023 Term)

Records Officer

Tracy Weimer (2022-2024 Term)

Communications Officer

Marleena Pearson (2022-2023 Term)

Is there an area of the union that interests you, but maybe you are overwhelmed by the full EC position? Contact us! We have lots of smaller tasks or easy ways you can help out.

Membership Officer

Skye Nguyen (2022-2023 Term)

Week 2 of summer complete. I am not sure about you but I am truly enjoying the 4 day weeks. Be sure to catch the bargaining session next Tuesday!

Finally, if anyone ever wants to chat about how they can get involved with the union just tag me! 🙂

If there are any questions about membership or someone has interest in joining, they can reach out to me ( or fill out the online membership form!

Your Benefit Info of the Week

Did you know that members get some really useful benefits? This week we are highlighting discounts on movie tickets! It’s hot out there and a lot of people like to go to a Movie to escape the heat. Why not take advantage of movie ticket discounts! To learn more go to AFT’s website for shopping and discounts

Find out what other benefits you are qualified for as union members by going to

Resources you may need!

Submit an Important Life Event for you or another member may have coming up.

Chief Labor Delegate

Mark Jordan (2022-2023 Term)

COPE Officer

Fiora Starchild-Wolf (2022-2023 Term)

Officer At Large

Katie Neall (2023-2024 Term)

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