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April Newsletter, Issue #35

Issue # 35: April 4, 2023

Update from the President

Frankie Cocanour (2022-2024 Term)

Center Building:

If you were in the center building when the fire happened on Thursday March 30th and you have concerns that you may have been breathing smoke or fumes from the burning plastic (and other possible toxic substances) please reach out to Sharon Daniel. Sharon has reached out to the union and said that the college wants to make sure that anyone who needs medical services gets it. There will be no repercussions of retaliation for using workman’s comp since the college is wanting anyone who may need medical attention to receive it.


The college sent us their proposal which didn’t include Appendix B as they told us they were wanting to bargain. They are wanting to start with Article 3 of our contract. This is the recognition of the bargaining agent. Hopefully all of you that are reading this newsletter were able to attend the meeting either in person or via zoom. The bargaining team was already looking at this article. We then all went and carefully read over what the college sent us and compared it to what is currently in the contract, the changes that we saw that were needed for the contract, then we met before the meeting to discuss what the college is proposing and what we are supposing. Like I said before, I am writing this prior to the bargaining meeting and you are reading it after the meeting. 

1039 Employees:

Are there any 1039 employees who have been in good standing with the union for six months that would like to become an officer with the union? Please let me or one of the other officers know.


Announcements and Reminders

Today’s bargaining session went smoothly – we are getting into the hang of passing proposals back and forth. Your bargaining team passed a simple proposal to retain six year contracts, so that we can still reopen the contract for economic proposals in the middle, but we don’t have to open the whole contract more often than that. Keep an eye here for updates when we meet with management every other Tuesday.


Bargaining 2023


See Colin’s the VP of Organizing update below for more information. 

Bargaining Survey Bargaining Survey 2/28/2023

Newsletter Feedback

Changing newsletter posting time frame.

As we moved our EC meetings from Monday to Wednesday, it makes sense to move the newsletter from Tuesday to Thursday. This will also help get members a better update after bargaining which will be taking place on Tuesday mornings.

Look for next week’s newsletter on Thursday April, 13th.

We want to hear from you! Please take a few minutes to give us your feedback on our Weekly Newsletter.  Newsletter Feedback Survey Goggle Form

Vice President of Labor Relations

Buck Potter (2022-2023 Term)

Back to the Bargaining table this week, and been having a couple of labor relations situations to deal with within the membership.  I’ve also been researching other wage increases that our fellow labor and education workers have won in the past year, and on average, the year to year wage increase is between 7 and 8%.  This tracks correctly with the current inflation rate, so it would stand to reason that if 4j School District, Lane Transit District and Coos Bay Area Hospitals can gain this, we should as well. 

Please show up at today’s Bargaining Session, have your LCCEF Profile Screen showing on Zoom, and Stand in Solidarity. 
‘Doesn’t matter what the press says. Doesn’t matter what the politicians or the mobs say. Doesn’t matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right. This nation was founded on one principle above all else: the requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world — “No, you move.”’ Captain America

Vice President of Organizing

Colin Vurek (2023-2024 Term)

Greetings members, 


Members are welcomed to observe via Zoom with your microphones and cameras OFF, please. I will be running a Google Chat to allow observers to chat with me and I can pass ideas to the team at the table. I will actually be at the table also but bouncing into the chat to answer questions you may have. Email me your private email address to: colinlccef@ so I can add you to the chat. You will find the link for the bargaining meeting below:


Bargaining Zoom:

Change your profile photo or background to the Red logo for support: Red LCCEF Design Image

RSVP to attend Bargaining… and we will add you to the CAT Chat on SLACK and Raffle Drawing for April!: Bargaining RSVP

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 961 8362 3044

Dial by your location: +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)


Get a NEW LCCEF “There’s Power in a Union” shirt! 

Show your Power with LCCEF window clings, sticks and signs!

We are much more likely to get a better contract if we display support now. 

Please email me at to get yours! 



Grievance Officer

Dawn Rupp (2023-2024 Term)

Working with a few folks about their work environments. Remember if you have any questions at all, big or small, reach out to your EC. Maybe someone else is experiencing the same thing and could use help.

We have labor management meetings every third week. Next meeting on 4/21. If you have any questions pertaining to labor management you want us to ask please email Dawn, Frankie, Buck or Colin.


Random Acts of Chocolate

Are you looking for a special way to thank our Classified Professionals?

If so, thank them with a Euphoria “Thank You” solid chocolate 1.25-ounce bar wrapped in assorted foil colors and available in dark or milk chocolate. It will be delivered with a personal thank you card from you! 

Random Acts of chocolate are delivered throughout each term

Submissions are limited to two per month, per person

There is no limit to the number of thanks that one person can receive

Show your appreciation! Submit a chocolate bar thank you request

Quote(s) for the week:

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Martin Luther King, Jr

“There are two ways of exerting one’s strength: one is pushing down, the other is pulling up.” – Booker T. Washington


Linda Reling (2022-2023 Term)

It is very exciting to see the influx of students for Spring Term! I am looking forward to Bargaining today and hope some of you were able to watch on Zoom.

Records Officer

Tracy Weimer (2022-2024 Term)

Communications Officer

Marleena Pearson (2022-2023 Term)

As mentioned in the announcements, we will be moving the newsletter from Tuesdays to Thursdays!

Membership Officer

Skye Nguyen (2022-2023 Term)

Back to bargaining this week and to get into the action. I will see you all in the zoom session tomorrow for the zoom session!

If there are any questions about membership or someone has interest in joining, they can reach out to me ( or fill out the online membership form. 🙂

Your Benefit Info of the Week

Did you know that members get some really useful benefits? This week we are highlighting discounts and shopping to save while getting out in the nice weather this Spring! Get cashback and save on local shopping, dining, movie tickets and more. Check out the details on Union Plus for AFT Union Members.

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Chief Labor Delegate

Mark Jordan (2022-2023 Term)

COPE Officer

Fiora Starchild-Wolf (2022-2023 Term)

This week marks some very important things in politics. Of course, Trump today is being arraigned as the first former President to ever be indicted/arraigned or brought to trial in US history. No matter how you feel about this, it is historic, and has impacts far beyond the case itself. For what it’s worth, a Grand Jury is generally made up of individuals who would be representative of both sides, and must reach a very high level of evidence before deciding to indict. So, while we all may have opinions, the charges are legally valid and history is also being made. Also, today, Wisconsin holds its election for Supreme Court justice, and the outcome will hold very important results for unions, education and a number of other issues important to our members, nationwide.

 Officer At Large


Are you a frustrated 1039 employee that feels like there isn’t much that the union does for you? Well, please join our team and help create a way for the executive council to serve the 1039 employees better. There is a position available for 1039 employees on the council. This is the best way for 1039 employees to assist with what needs to make the contract more equitable. The only way to change the working conditions that you don’t like or feel that are not equitable is to stand up and fight for it. This position was created so that 1039 employees could have a voice. We are asking for this position to be filled because it is important and there are so many 1039 employees who are frustrated with the contract. 

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