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December Newsletter, Issue #22

Issue # 22: December 13, 2022

Update from the President

Frankie Cocanour (2021-2022 Term)

Section 125 Bargaining:

The bargaining team met with the college last week to bargain the Section 125. We went with what the dues paying union members voted for, which is the stipend.  We turned our proposal over to the college. On Friday December 16th at 2:00 pm we will meet with them, at that meeting they will most likely give us a counter proposal. There is the chance that they could come back and say that they agree with the proposal. This bargaining session is open for classified professionals to watch. There is a link below in our newsletter if you would like to join.

LCCEF Section 125 proposal

Dues update:

This is a reminder to our members, when you reach your annual maximum of  $900, you will no longer see the union dues deduction on your paychecks. Your dues deduction will restart with the 1/10/2023 paycheck.  If you have any questions please reach out with an email to

EC Meetings:

We have changed the day and the time that the Union Executive Council meets. We were meeting on Mondays at 3:00 pm, but we were finding that this last term we were all getting pretty busy and were not all able to meet during that time. We will be meeting on Wednesdays at 11:00 am during winter term. Our first meeting will be Wednesday January 11th at 11:00 am.

Bryan Lally AFT Representative:

Bryan Lally, our Representative from AFT, is leaving AFT. He is starting a job with the Union at PCC. He has been a real rock for the executive team through the last few years. Within months a whole new team that started in January was suddenly thrown into that COVID Pandemic world where we all needed to become Zoom experts. We had Bryan there to keep us together and to help guide us as we had to find a new way of doing business. There were bumps and hick-ups along the way and we could never have done it without him. For me personally Bryan has been a real mentor. There were many times that we spent on the phone or in a meeting where he was able to give me union advice that was so good that I used it in my personal life. He also has an incredible sense of humor, and that helped us in many situations. I am really going to miss having Bryan as our AFT Rep. 


I will be out on vacation for the next few weeks, starting 12/17/22 – 01/02/2022. During this time I will be running around with a toddler and might not have time or energy to check emails. Please contact Buck Potter our VP of Labor or Colin Vurek our VP of Organizing if you need assistance from the union EC. For labor issues first contact Buck Potter. 

I hope that everyone is able to enjoy the Holidays, and for those that don’t celebrate holidays during this time, I hope that you have the opportunity to get some time in to catch up with family, friends, or hobbies that you enjoy. Best to all! ~ Frankie

Announcements and Reminders


Section 125 Bargaining Meeting

This Friday LCCEF is meeting with the College to bargain the Section 125 adjustments made due to IRS rules and requirements. You can join us but, make sure you are meeting the standards to attend by being on personal time or listening while working if that meets the standards for your department.

Attendees will need to remain muted and should not make comments in the chat.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 912 9044 3058

If you would like to participate in a chat facilitated by our CAT, please send an email to Colin at for an invite to the Google Chat.

Winter Break Newsletter Notice

This will be the last newsletter until January 10th. We will be taking a break and not sending a newsletter December 20th, December 27th, and January 3rd. If there is news to share, we will send out specific notifications to keep you updated, but as many members will be on vacations during this time, we will not have the formal newsletter.

Newsletter Feedback

We want to hear from you! Please take a few minutes to give us your feedback on our Weekly Newsletter.  Newsletter Feedback Survey Goggle Form

Vice President of Labor Relations

Buck Potter (2022-2023 Term)

I will be filling in for the President Frankie Cocanour from 12/17/2022 – 01/03/2022 and for our Grievance Officer Dawn Rupp from 12/29/2022- 01/12/2022

I also wanted to remind you of the links below, which have been up for a couple of weeks.  I’ve still been hearing from members that they have a hesitation to use their Weingarten Rights.  Please Do Not Be Afraid To Use Them!  

Here’s some links concerning your rights as well:

Weingarten Rights | National Labor Relations Board – Nat’l Labor Relations Board

Weingarten Rights | Beaverton Chapter 48– Beaverton OSEA Chapter – Exact language to use should you be in a meeting that is potentially going disciplinary

Have a Fantastic week!

Vice President of Organizing

Colin Vurek (2021-2022 Term)

Greetings LCCEF members!

As promised I’m attaching the link to the College/LCCEF EC’s bargaining meeting for Friday, December 16, 2022 at 2:00pm.

I need to reiterate that observers cannot talk in the session and we’d prefer you have your camera off.

Please send me an email at so I can invite you to the Google chat room I will set up today.  

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 912 9044 3058


To get your T-shirt email me at:

T-shirt sizes and count                                         

  • Small – 9
  • Medium – 33
  • Large – 32
  • Extra Large – 6

I also have window clings and stickers for you to flaunt your support for your union! See below!



Grievance Officer

Dawn Rupp (2021-2022 Term)

I will be unavailable from December 29, 2022 – January 13, 2023. If you need assistance please reach out to Buck, Frankie and/or Colin and they will be happy to help you. 

We are preparing to file a grievance for violation of article 12.7.2 in correlation with encouraging individuals to file internal LCC complaints.

I want to make sure to encourage you all to make sure to speak to your dean/manager if you are having any issues at work. If that does not help please reach up to the next person above them. We need to give them an opportunity to help. I know this isn’t always easy but if you need support we will be there for you. If you are in need of help please feel free to reach out to any of your Executive Council members. 

We are working on pay equality with the college and hoping to eliminate level 4 from the pay scale. 

Please reach out to your EC team when you know of someone on the classified team that is struggling with illness or loss of someone in their family. We would like to make sure we are here to support all during hard times.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Let’s all rest up because 2023 is going to bring us a new contract which means a lot of work.

Quote(s) this week! ?

“The holiday season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us.” Terri Marshall

Linda Reling (2022-2023 Term)

I hope everyone has a wonderful break!

Records Officer

VACANT (2021-2022 Term)

This position is currently vacant but will be filled January 1st by Tracy Weimer.

Communications Officer

Marleena Pearson (2022-2023 Term)

I’ve been out of the office for over a week, but I am back! Catching up on everything.

Thank you for the newsletter feedback so far, we will continue to put effort into improving it. Help us make this newsletter work for you! Newsletter Feedback Survey Google Form

Membership Officer

Skye Nguyen (2022-2023 Term)

Hi again everyone! I am just getting into the bits and pieces of my new role as membership officer this week. It is a lot to learn but excited about this adventure of learning and growing with this union. ?

Chief Labor Delegate

VACANT (2022-2023 Term)

Enjoy meeting with fellow unions in the county? Learning about what events, organizing, and partnerships are being offered throughout Lane County? Anyone appointed to this position would continue to serve the remaining one year of term in 2023.

COPE Officer

Fiora Starchild-Wolf (2022-2023 Term)

Fiora is currently on vacation overseas! She sends warm wishes for a great holiday season to all of you!

 Officer At Large


This is another vacant position that is up for election this fall, anyone appointed would serve through the end of the year, so its a great way to try out the role! Are you a part- time timesheet employee who is looking to be more involved and help LCCEF build part-time power to increase benefits and working conditions for fellow part-timers?

Stay connected to LCCEF


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