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We Need to Hear From You!

LCCEF is preparing for a bargaining session with the College over the funds lost in the Section 125 match adjustment made due to IRS changes. Here is the update message from the College:

“The College has been notified by our Section 125 provider that a change in employer contribution is required, based on IRS rules and regulations.  To summarize, an employer contribution exceeding $500 requires an employee contribution equal to or greater than the employer contribution.  This means that for those employees whose LCC contribution would normally exceed $500, LCC can only “match” the employee contribution for amounts above $500, still subject to the regular maximum College contribution.  See below for more details.”

We can not bargain to change those contribution scales sent by the College as they are based on the IRS rules and regulations. We would like to hear from you on how you use the Section 125 matches (if you do) so we can try hard to bargain for something you can use similarly. 

Do you have an idea how you would like to see the College provide that money back to employees as a benefit? We have a few standard ideas, but we are interested in your thoughts. 

Survey: Section 125 Changes

We do have limited timing on this, as we would like to be able to answer your questions and discuss options on Tuesday at the GMM. 

General Membership Meeting: Section 125 Changes

When: Tuesday, November 22, 2022, 12:05-12:55 & 5:15-6:00

Where: Zoom

LCCEF Executive Committee

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