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October Newsletter, Issue #16

Issue # 16: November 1, 2022

Update from the President

Frankie Cocanour (2021-2022 Term)


I have been waiting for the college to send out a notification to the college and I haven’t seen it yet. Many people have been reaching out to ask me what is going on with our FSA/HSA benefits as they are signing up for this next year’s plan

The ACA has changed their guidelines for employer pay into it. I have made a request to bargain due to this being a loss of a benefit that was bargained for by the union. Here is what has been sent to the presidents of both unions. We will update you when we start bargaining.

Under ACA guidelines

  • An employer may match up to $500 whether or not the employee contributes to a Health FSA.
  • Starting at $501, however, employers may only make a dollar-for-dollar match to the employee’s contribution.

This means that in order to be compliant with IRS regulations, the employee contribution required to receive the full employer contribution changes as follows:

This requirement is a part of the way that the Affordable Care Act treats FSA plans described here:

Rally Wednesday


Remember last week when we sent out the update about the Proposed Speech, Time, Place, and Manner Restriction Policy? Well, it was added to the Consent Agenda for this week’s BOE meeting. Under this administration this could be something that they don’t intend to use against unions, and they might never try to use against us, but what about the next administration of the next Board Members. This can be used to break our unions at any time in the future. Do you like your ability to show your support for your favorite politician or movement? We are a campus where we have had the right to our freedom of speech, even when others disagree with us. I have seen people wear masks the last couple years supporting all parties and many movements on this campus these last couple years. Like it or not, it is our right to be able to have the freedom of speech. This can permanently take that right away from us. 

I am calling on any classified employee that wants their right to have their freedom of speech to join us for a rally and sit in on Wednesday night. I am pleading with all of you to wear black on Wednesday and to join us after work to rally, to participate in a sit-in, and to hopefully sign up to share your feeling during the public speaking portion at the beginning of the meeting.

To sign up to speak at an upcoming board meeting, please see instructions in the “Public Comment” section on the board meeting agenda available at:

Here is the link to the Administrative Rule that they are going to base their policy on. Read it carefully, while there are some good portions to this Rule, there are many more concerning restrictions they can place on you and the unions.ADMINISTRATIVE RULE NO: 1055-01 | LBCC (

Federal Student Loan Relief:

You have until December 31, 2023. They will determine your eligibility then  contact you if they need more information from you. Right now you can still apply, but the program is on hold.

Federal Student Loan Debt Relief

AFT Student Debt Resources

10/31 deadline for Public Service Loan Forgiveness. AFT will be hosting student debt clinic webinars up through the date – the sooner the better!

And thank goodness it started raining! Some of our members and colleagues live near the Cedar Creek Fire area and the rain has had to be such a relief to them. It’s been a relief to me. I Love being able to have my windows open and to walk outside and breathe fresh air!

Announcements and Reminders


Executive Council Elections

Executive Council Positions:

  • President
  • Vice President of Organizing
  • Grievance Officer
  • Records Officer
  • Officer At Large

EC Election Timeline:

  • October 31st- November 4th – Meet the Candidate zooms
  • 12:01am – November 7th — 11:59pm November 20th – Election is open
  • November 21st – Results announced

Newsletter Feedback

We want to hear from you! Please take a few minutes to give us your feedback on our Weekly Newsletter.  Newsletter Feedback Survey Google Form

General Membership Meeting

Save the date for our next General Membership Meeting November 17th at 12 pm and 5:15 pm.


Vice President of Labor Relations

Buck Potter (2022-2023 Term)

I have been in a few Labor Relations meetings recently, and I want to remind our membership of their ‘Weingarten Rights.’ If you are in any meeting with Management or HR, and it appears that the meeting is heading towards disciplinary action, ask if the meeting is such, and immediately stop the meeting and invoke your Weingarten Rights.  This will then allow you time to reach out to myself or the Grievance Officer to have us represent you at a rescheduled meeting with your Manager, HR or both. 

Here’s some links concerning your rights as well: – Nat’l Labor Relations Board – Beaverton OSEA Chapter – Exact language to use should you be in a meeting that is potentially going disciplinary

A couple of the labor relations meetings I have been in have directly involved direct impediment of students’ abilities to learn, and limited their access to resources.  Should you be dealing with this issue, please let me know.  With the College currently concerned about enrollment, this should be a non-issue. 

Finally, I have also heard some stories of bullying happening within departments.  For myself, as being a former victim of bullying in my childhood, I will NOT Stand for this.  Be respectful of people’s choices, beliefs and values.  Aggressive or abrasive behavior should be paid attention to, and called out. PERIOD.  Have an Awesome week! 

Vice President of Organizing

Colin Vurek (2021-2022 Term)


Greetings LCCEF members!

Please read LCCEF’s President Frankie Cocanour’s message regarding tomorrow’s rally and sit-in during the Board of Education meeting.

Also, I will be hoping to see your faces and answer any question you may have during my “Meet the Candidate” session via Zoom Friday, Nov 4, 2022 at 12:00pm. I’d also like to discuss various upcoming actions as we move toward bargaining.

Starting very soon members will be able to attend LCCEF Executive Council meetings. They are every Monday, excluding holidays, at 3:00pm. All members can attend, however when the Executive Session begins members will be asked to leave the meeting for confidentiality purposes. Each week I will put the Zoom link in my Newsletter updates!

And please don’t forget that LCCEF members will be able to observe via Zoom. You can participate via chat in a separate Google chat room. I’ll be on both links.

I still have more union t-shirts available for Wear Red on Wednesdays! I’ll put the count below. If you are on campus, I’d love to deliver them personally to your office and meet you for a short chat. 

To get your T-shirt mail me at:

T-shirt sizes and count                                         

  • Small – 9
  • Medium – 33
  • Large – 32
  • Extra Large – 6

I also have window clings and stickers for you to flaunt your support for your union! See below! 



Grievance Officer

Dawn Rupp (2021-2022 Term)

Currently there are no grievances but a few folks we are working with to have some resolution to the dysfunction with management. If you are in need of help please feel free to reach out to any of your Executive Council members.

I will be running for Grievance chair for the third and final time in the upcoming elections. You can stop by the zoom meeting on Wednesday, November 2, 12-12:30 and ask questions or email me anytime.

Quote this week! ?

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”

Dolly Parton


Linda Reling (2022-2023 Term)

I caught up on bills over the weekend and am feeling accomplished. 🙂

We are hoping to order new t-shirts this month so that everyone has one during the upcoming bargaining year. We will be reaching out to the election committee about holding a vote for your approval.

Records Officer

VACANT (2021-2022 Term)

While currently vacant, this role is up for election this term and would be for two years in 2023-2024. Here’s your chance to get involved behind the scenes. Do you love taking minutes? The Executive Council needs your help! Please reach out to LCCEF President Frankie Cocanour at: to express your interest.

Communications Officer

Marleena Pearson (2022-2023 Term)

Have you thought about how you can help our union this year? I know running for Executive Committee is a large commitment, jumping into the CAT or Worksite Leader roles might be too much or too unknown… but we have opportunities for every skill coming up. Maybe it’s a short term sub-committee we can have focused on one issue or a single event that will need assistance, could also be a regular task that could be completed that wouldn’t regular specific meeting times. Enjoy writing? Photography? graphic design? Talking to people? We have so many places to weave your skill in to make us stronger as we prepare for a year of bargaining. Contact us! We can have a conversation and find the best fit for you! 

Thank you for the newsletter feedback so far, we will continue to put effort into improving it. Help us make this newsletter work for you! Newsletter Feedback Survey Google Form

Membership Officer

VACANT (2022-2023 Term)

Enjoy reaching out to new employees? Interested in working closely with Colin and Linda to build out union membership with organizing and tracking?

Chief Labor Delegate

VACANT (2022-2023 Term)

Enjoy meeting with fellow unions in the county? Learning about what events, organizing, and partnerships are being offered throughout Lane County? Anyone appointed to this position would continue to serve the remaining one year of term in 2023.

COPE Officer

Fiora Starchild-Wolf (2022-2023 Term)


Things to do:   VOTE!!!  

By now, nearly everyone should have received your ballots.  If you haven’t yet, please contact Lane County Elections at (541) 682-4234. 

Lane County Elections is located at 275 W. 10th, Eugene.

If you have any type of ballot issue, or need assistance with voting, they are very friendly and usually able to help.  


 This is a link to the Union Guide to the General Election 2022 from Northwest Labor Press.  This guide covers all of Oregon’s races, and gives information only if there is an endorsement from any union.  If you do not see a candidate on this list, it is because they have NO union endorsements, so you can be certain that if you vote for the names on this list, they are labor friendly.

LCCEF Endorsements:  These are candidates who have specifically reached out to our union, and through interviewing multiple candidates, and their stance on labor and higher education issues, have earned our endorsement.

Dawn Lesley for West Lane County

Tina Kotek for Governor

  • Tina, among other things, helped create the new Paid Family Leave Act, and also raised the minimum wage in Oregon, something both of the other candidates opposed.  This has directly helped some of our members.

Val Hoyle for Congress, 4th District

  • Val Hoyle has been our Oregon Labor Commissioner, and has, in fact, given direct help to the LCCEF as we bargained last year.has made it clear that he is against labor unions, particularly public employees
  • Val’s opponent, Alek Skarlotos, is very much anti- union and overall, anti-labor. He has a lot of out-of-state money pouring in, and his advertising makes him look very “reasonable”. His attack ads on Val Hoyle are also very “deft”–but use long ago information taken completely out of context with the actual issues he’s trying to paint.  His complete lack of political knowledge or experience would make him beholden to those who are funding him from outside of Oregon.

 Officer At Large


This is another vacant position that is up for election this fall, anyone appointed would serve through the end of the year, so its a great way to try out the role! Are you a part- time timesheet employee who is looking to be more involved and help LCCEF build part-time power to increase benefits and working conditions for fellow part-timers?

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