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Grant Matthew’s email clarification

Hello LCCEF members,

On Monday Grant Matthews sent out an email to all employees at Lane Community College. Many of the classified employees were concerned about the content of that email. Today I met with Shane Turner, Chief Human Resource Officer and asked for some clarification on the email from Grant. Shane explained that Grant’s email was geared towards faculty. Here is what Shane told me in a follow up email with me.

“Grant’s message earlier this week regarding air quality and remote working request deadlines was intended for instructional faculty. Faculty have a deadline for submission and review because of schedule publishing requirements. The message wasn’t intended to impose new or different requirements for classified employees requesting remote work.”

Per Article 7 of the COVID MOA if you need to make requests to work from home you can make that request anytime. There are no deadlines that you have to meet to make the request.

7. LCC shall make every reasonable effort to provide flexible workplace accommodations or arrangements to employees making requests through the existing process in Article 12.5 Virtual Work Sites and consistent with service level requirements. When remote work is not possible, alternate measures which could include staggered schedules, arranging work spaces for enhanced social distancing, and increased ventilation may be requested and shall be implemented to the degree possible. Employees shall have the opportunity to submit requests throughout the term of this MOA, as environmental conditions change. 

If you have any further concerns about that email or need any clarifications please reach out.

Frankie Cocanour NCMA (She/Her/Hers),

President LCCEF – Local 2417

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