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EC Nominations Time

I hope you’ve had a great start to the term!

Executive Council Elections!

Next up is the vote for the Executive Council positions.  Per Article IV – Section 4 of the constitution, the following positions are up for election:

  • President
  • Vice President of Organizing
  • Grievance Officer
  • Records Officer
  • Officer At Large

If you are interested, we recommend reaching out to the incumbents for better understanding of the role. The current incumbents are: Frankie Cocanour (President), Colin Vurek (Vice President of Organizing, and Dawn Rupp (Grievance Officer). Records Officer and Officer At Large are currently vacant positions.

EC Elections Timeline:

  • Nomination Window – Oct. 10th-24th 
  • October 31st- November 4th – Meet the Candidate zooms
  • 12:01am – November 7th — 11:59pm November 20th – Election is open
  • November 21st – Results announced

Nominating Process

If you’re interested in running for office, first make sure you’re eligible:

Requirements for Holding Office:  Article IV – Section 3 – Regular membership in good standing is required in order to be nominated, elected, or serve as an officer. New members shall be eligible for the same only after six months of membership in good standing. No member may hold more than one office at a time, nor hold both an office and a hired position within the Local.

If you’d like to run, email us at We’ll set up a google form for you. You’ll need to secure 10 “signatures” on those forms from members in good standing. You must get 10 signatures by 3:00PM on October 24th.

Opportunity for Outreach

If you’d like, you can submit a 250 word limit biography to be added to the elections page. We’ll also be scheduling zoom sessions October 31st – November 4th for candidates to speak to the membership. 

On behalf of the Elections Committee, I hope you would consider running or encourage a colleague to participate.  This is our Union and we need to come together to help each other thrive.

Take care,

Elections Committee

Elections Committee:

Kyle Schmidt, Chair – 

Susie Kekec –

Rosa Maria Bañuelos-Uribe – 

Union Website –

Not a member and want a voice? –

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