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Hello LCCEF members,

This election is getting down to the wire.  The Congressional race in the 4th District is up for grabs and our choice there is between Val Hoyle, who has served as our Labor Commissioner, sometimes offering direct support to LCCEF or our members, or a guy who, if you watch the video below, shows himself to be as anti-union as can be.  He actually talks about “freeing” workers from their labor unions! 

We can beat the anti union, Freedom Foundation employee running in CD 4 against Val Hoyle. 

Tina Kotek, the labor candidate for Governor in this race, is going to be in town tomorrow and needs our help!  Please sign up and help turn out the union vote here in Lane County!

This coming Tuesday, at 5pm, Labor’s Endorsed Candidate for Governor, Tina Kotek will be kicking off a canvass here in Eugene. Click this Link to RSVP. 

Thank you!
Fiora, COPE Officer


I encourage you to also check out “Join the Union”–which isn’t Labor Unions but a Democracy Union–people from all over the country, both sides of the political spectrum, working together to preserve our democracy that is under attack right now.

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