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August Newsletter, Issue #7

Issue # 7: August 30, 2022

Update from the President

Frankie Cocanour

This last week the Contract Bargaining team met. We are going through the articles of the contract to see what we think is good as is and what will need to be further reviewed. This is a longer process than it seems that it would be, because there can be a good amount of discussion on each article. We will be meeting weekly for now to go over the contract. Once we are done going over the contract we will review where we are and decide what our next steps are. Remember that we are only as strong as our weakest union member. We all need to build each other up. Please be mindful of your coworkers and support them as much as you can. Also, if you have a coworker that is not a dues paying member let us know. We are hoping that we can build up the membership and to make us stronger. The stronger that we are, the more serious that the administrators of the college will have to take us. If they have reason to believe that the classified employees don’t support the union, they will be much harder for us to bargain with and will not be inclined to agree to things that we ask for. It’s good for us to remember what happened to LCCEA during their fiscal reopener this year, they wanted to take away so much from them and rewrite what was left of their contract after crossing so many of their articles out.

Sam Ramburg is leaving us at the end of the week. Earlier this month he moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. All of us in the EC are so excited to see Sam start a new chapter in his life. I really liked getting to know Sam and then working with him in the EC. It’s sad to see him leave Lane, but he’s on to bigger and better adventures! We will miss you Sam!!!!

Celebrate Labor Day Events with the Oregon AFL-CIO

Come on out this Labor Day to celebrate with the Oregon AFL-CIO! There will be food, fellowship, and fun at events across the state. And there will be time to honor the workers who came before us and helped to make many of our union rights possible. It will be held at Splash Pool Picnic Center from noon to 3:30 pm.

Please remember to put these events on your calendars. We hope to see you all there!

ACTION IS REQUIRED FOR THIS OPEN ENROLLMENT CYCLE, this is a required “mandatory” open enrollment. You must login to MyOEBB (!pb.main) between 08/15/2022 and 09/15/2022 to reselect your insurance plans or to waive or opt-out of coverage. Failure to finalize your elections may result in the loss of benefits or opt-out stipend effective 10/01/2022.

MORE INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE on the HR Open Enrollment web page.

Officer positions up for election

  • President
  • VP of Organizing
  • Grievance Officer Records Officer
  • Officer at Large

Two positions up for nomination

  • Membership Officer
  • Labor Officer

If you are interested in being nominated for this position, and you are a member in good standing please send an email to

MORE INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE on the HR Open Enrollment web page.

Announcements and Reminder


Join us at the Lane County Labor Chapter Labor Day Picnic on Monday!

Come celebrate Labor Day Monday, September 5, 2022 from noon to 3:30pm at
Splash Pool Picnic Shelter: 6100 Thurston Road, Springfield, OR

Bring your family and join other union workers and activities in celebrating Labor Day! 

Bring a side dish to share. Hot Dogs, Burgers, Pop/Water Family Fun and Door Prizes. NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED.

Vice President of Labor Relations

Buck Potter

Labor relations are in full swing as we work with the College to review department staffing needs. We have 6 – 8 labor relations issues we are working on, and have been having regular Labor Relations Meetings every two weeks with Human Resources.  We are also in COVID MOA Bargaining with the College, which has seen very little traction.  Bargaining won’t resume until September 8th. 

Remember that the LCCLC Labor Day Picnic is on Monday, September 5th from Noon to 3:30 PM, bring your family and enjoy good food and conversation!

Vice President of Organizing

Colin Vurek

I have more union t-shirts available for Wear Red on Wednesdays! I’ll put the count below. If you are on campus, I’d love to deliver them personally to your office and meet you for a short chat. 

Email me at:

T-shirt sizes and count                                         

  • Small – 9
  • Medium – 33
  • Large – 32
  • Extra Large – 7
  • 3X – 2

Grievance Officer

Dawn Rupp

Labor Management meeting with HR canceled for 8/29 as several participants were not available. 

Did you know:

Classified Professional Development

Friendly reminder that Classified Professional Development funds are available! Apply via the Professional Development application to get funds approved prior to the event or for reimbursement afterward. Great news! Individual and department fund limits have been increased for FY23. See the Classified Professional Development webpage for details.

Random Acts of Chocolate

The Random Acts of Chocolate program will resume Fall term. Be sure to utilize this sweet program to send an extra special thank you to Classified employees.

Did you know that as a union member there are a plethora of benefits. Have a look at this website

I have been researching quotes pertaining to unions and have found several. I will include one or two each week. These are just for inspiration but please let me know if for any reason they have not achieved my goal which is to inspire solidarity.

This week’s quote: “My friends it is solidarity we want. We do not want to find fault with each other, but to solidify our forces and say to each other: We must be together; our masters are joined together and we must do the same thing.” – Mother Jones


Linda Reling

Here is a link to an article on what our AFT dues are used for: Where Do Your Union Dues Go?

It’s that time again, working on the budget.

Recording Officer

Marleena Pearson

Are you ready for fall term to start? I am not prepared to say good-bye to summer yet! September is a big month for us as we celebrate Labor Day with the Lane County Labor Chapter and build up to our in-service GMM. Which of course will only be the beginning for this full contract bargaining year.

Communications Officer

Sam Ramberg

Starting September 1st Marleena Pearson will be taking over as our Communications Officer. Marleena will also continue to provide the duties of our Recording Officer until we have a new Recording Officer elected.

Membership Officer


Enjoy reaching out to new employees? Interested in working closely with Colin and Linda to build out union membership with organizing and tracking?

Chief Labor Delegate


Enjoy meeting with fellow unions in the county? Learning about what events, organizing, and partnerships are being offered throughout Lane County? 

COPE Officer

Fiora Starchild-Wolf

We’re in Summer time, and things seem somewhat quiet on elections.  However, as we see one revelation after another through the January 6th hearings, it’s important to understand both the implications of what actually happened that day, and in the months leading up to it, and the efforts being made at the state level in multiple states across the country, to ensure that elections remain free and fair for all voters. 

The midterm elections this coming November seem far away. Right now, what we can do is ensure that everyone has a voice.

There are voter registration efforts going on, and you can participate! 

  1. You can help register voters in Oregon.
  2. You can use phone calling apps to help with voter registration efforts in key states like Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, North Carolina, and Virginia.  
  3. You can reach out to a candidate you are interested in and volunteer some time for their campaign.

If you have any questions about what you might be able to do, or how to get involved, feel free to contact me!    

Officer At Large


Are you a part- time timesheet employee who is looking to be more involved and help LCCEF build part-time power to increase benefits and working conditions for fellow part-timers?

Stay connected to LCCEF


Subscribe to Calendar: LCCEF Union Google Calendar

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