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August Newsletter, Issue #5

Issue # 5: August 16, 2022

Update from the President

Frankie Cocanour

Elections are coming up. We are hoping that there are union members that will want to serve on the EC. This is something that no one should consider lightly because it does take up more time than you expect it to, and there is responsibility and accountability that you have to always consider. The bright side is you get to help your coworkers and you get to meet people on this campus that you might never have had the opportunity to otherwise.

With elections in mind we have only one person on our election committee. This is a three member team and the work that they do takes three people to do at minimum. One of the members has left Lane to pursue a career more inline with what she has been wanting to do and another member has far too much going on in her life to be able to continue on with this committee. This work the EC officers cannot assist with due to it creating a conflict of interest, especially during elections of officers. If you are interested please send an email to me at

Announcements and Reminders

  • Remember if you are interested in becoming a Worksite Leader or joining CAT (Contract Action Team), drop in for some information and ask questions. We have a drop-in session this Wednesday, August 17, 2022 at 12pm-1pm. Use this Zoom link: to chat with Marleena Pearson, Recording Officer and Colin Vurek, Vice President of Organizing. 
  • We need a couple new elections committee members. If you are interested, contact an Executive. We’d love to hear from you.


Vice President of Labor Relations

Buck Potter

Labor relations are in full swing as we work with the College to review department staffing needs. We have 8 – 10 labor relations issues we are working on, and have been having regular Labor Relations Meetings every two weeks with Human Resources. 

Lane County Labor Chapter is going to be bringing back their Annual Labor Day Picnic on Monday, September 5th from Noon to 3:30 PM at The Splash Pool Picnic Shelter.  Please bring a side dish, your family and enjoy your Labor Day with fellow Union members in Lane County!  No Alcohol is Allowed. 

Vice President of Organizing

Colin Vurek

This week we are holding our Worksite Leaders and CAT (Contract Action Team) drop-in session Wednesday, August 17th from 12pm-1pm. Use this Zoom link: to chat with Marleena Pearson, Recording Officer and Colin Vurek ,Vice President of Organizing. 

We are looking forward to seeing you all and answer any questions you may have about becoming a Worksite Leader (AKA Steward) or if you are interested in becoming a CAT member.

I’ve also been part of the team bargaining with the College regarding working conditions here on the main campus and all the satellite campuses. 

Grievance Officer

Dawn Rupp

We are working with a few folks on issues in their areas. 

Remember if you feel you are working out of class you will need to submit a request for reclass by October 1, 2022 but the sooner you get it turned in the better because if approved it will be retroactive. 

Here is a link outlining the process and the forms:

Also, here is the link to classification descriptions:

Food for thought…If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you. – Zig Ziglar


Linda Reling

Continuing my work on the budget.

Recording Officer

Marleena Pearson

Looking forward to the drop in session tomorrow to chat about Worksite Leaders, CAT, and answer any questions you might have about getting involved this year. We have a big year with a full contract bargaining session that will need a lot of hands on deck, starting with our annual GMM in September during in-service.

Communications Officer

Sam Ramberg

Getting regular timelines for news and updates from the EC and committees. I will be resigning September 1st. We will have one of the other officers fill in my role until elections.

Membership Officer


Enjoy reaching out to new employees? Interested in working closely with Colin and Linda to build out union membership with organizing and tracking?

Chief Labor Delegate


Enjoy meeting with fellow unions in the county? Learning about what events, organizing, and partnerships are being offered throughout Lane County? 

COPE Officer

Fiora Starchild-Wolf

We’re in Summer time, and things seem somewhat quiet on elections.  However, as we see one revelation after another through the January 6th hearings, it’s important to understand both the implications of what actually happened that day, and in the months leading up to it, and the efforts being made at the state level in multiple states across the country, to ensure that elections remain free and fair for all voters. 

The midterm elections this coming November seem far away. Right now, what we can do is ensure that everyone has a voice.

There are voter registration efforts going on, and you can participate! 

  1. You can help register voters in Oregon.
  2. You can use phone calling apps to help with voter registration efforts in key states like Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, North Carolina, and Virginia.  
  3. You can reach out to a candidate you are interested in and volunteer some time for their campaign.

If you have any questions about what you might be able to do, or how to get involved, feel free to contact me!     —Fiora Starchild-Wolf

Officer At Large


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