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August Newsletter, Issue #4

Issue # 4: August 9, 2022

Update from the President

Frankie Cocanour

Last week, Buck Potter, Colin Vurek, Sam Ramberg and I met with Dr. Stepanie Bulger. We discussed several topics, but the biggest topic and the most concerning for Dr. Bulger is  increasing our school’s enrollment. We know that classified professionals are at the front line when it comes to enrollment. LCC Classified Professionals are the most prepared to explain where enrollment is the most difficult for students. We also have great ideas on how to increase enrollment.

As our new President gets her feet under her, this would be a good time to share with President Bulger and our Board of Education. We are asking that you share the things you see that can help students get enrolled and stay enrolled? 

Additionally, Austin Folnagy, LCC Board of Education Member, attended an EC meeting yesterday. The main topic was around the College’s current proposal on our re-bargaining of our COVID MOA which ends September 10th. The College’s proposal has significantly less COVID precautions and we hope to have Board support for more safety precautions for members. 

Announcements and Reminders

  • Remember if you are interested in becoming a Worksite Leader or joining CAT (Contract Action Team), drop in for some information and ask questions. We have a drop-in session this Wednesday, August 17, 2022 at 12pm-1pm. Use this Zoom link: to chat with Marleena Pearson, Recording Officer and Colin Vurek, Vice President of Organizing. 
  • LCCEF Local 2417 stands in solidarity with the Starbucks workers in their efforts to unionize! Please show your support by showing up at 2830 Willamette St on Friday, August 12, 2022 at 6:30 PM. 


Vice President of Labor Relations

Buck Potter

Labor relations are in full swing as we work with the College to review department staffing needs. We have 8 – 10 labor relations issues we are working on, and have been having regular Labor Relations Meetings every two weeks with Human Resources.  

Vice President of Organizing

Colin Vurek

August 17, 2022 at 12pm-1pm. Use this Zoom link: to chat with Marleena Pearson, Recording Officer and Colin Vurek, Vice President of Organizing. 

Last month’s meeting was fun but we’d love to see more faces. We’re working on a FAQ page for folks who are interested in being a Worksite Leader or part of CAT. . 

We’ll also start a process of targeting departments to see who might be interested but have missed the announcements we’ve posted. I’ll be popping by to visit some of you once you are back on campus. Hope to see you then or later this month for our August Worksite Leaders meeting. 

Grievance Officer

Dawn Rupp

Currently there are 2 possible grievances we are working on and hoping to resolve without filing grievances being necessary.  Working on a few labor issues and folks on the transfer list with HR. If you have any questions or concerns you can always email any of your officers. 

Did you know: As a classified employee you have certain rights but are you aware of what those rights are? Many employees mistakenly confuse a gripe or a complaint with a grievance. This brief article will attempt to explain the difference.


Linda Reling

Paying bills and updating records.

Recording Officer

Marleena Pearson

Focusing on organizing as we look to recruit members as Worksite Leaders and for the CAT group, hoping to have a strong showing at our September 22nd GMM. 

Communications Officer

Sam Ramberg

Working with the CAT team to get more LCCEF t-shirts available for members. I also got reminders sent out to wear red on Wednesday’s. I took a week off to move so I’m playing catch up this week.

Membership Officer


Enjoy reaching out to new employees? Interested in working closely with Colin and Linda to build out union membership with organizing and tracking?

Chief Labor Delegate


Enjoy meeting with fellow unions in the county? Learning about what events, organizing, and partnerships are being offered throughout Lane County? 

COPE Officer

Fiora Starchild-Wolf

The Committee On Political Education exists to help with understanding how politics affects labor, our work environment, our lives, etc. With politics being so divisive as to political parties, it can be a challenge to discuss sometimes. In our work at the college, be aware of how issues such as our pay, our benefits, the things our students go through in their educational paths, funding for our college, and the surrounding community, are affected by local, county, state, and federal elected officials and what they do as they represent us. 

This is why we endorse candidates who support labor and other issues important to our profession. At times, people we supported will be called on to support us as well, and that has proven true at crucial times in these past couple of years.

As COPE Officer, it is not my job to tell you how to vote. It’s my job to help educate on the process, on the candidates, and on the impact. It’s my job to encourage you to get involved.

  1. Here at Lane, we are bargaining the COVID practices MOA that has been in place since last September, but expires at the end of Summer term. We took a survey in Spring, to ask how classified employees feel about the various aspects.  From those results, we are bargaining to try to follow what the majority of you who responded told us. We are having difficulty getting those agreements from the College, so one political thing you can do is to email our Board members about what you would like and why that is important to you. Please contact EC if  you would like to do this, so we can work together to amplify our message.
  2. On the national level, there is a LOT happening in politics that can affect us in education and labor. I wonder if we might want to have a discussion about some of these things. Non-partisan, and factual. Let me know what you think.
  3. Check your voter registration! If you aren’t sure you are registered, if your address has changed, name has changed, or any other reason, you can go to to check your registration and/or register.
  4. Help others register! Contact me if you’d like to work on creating a voter registration drive to help our colleagues and community.
  5. Consider volunteering at Lane County Elections to help with counting the vote during the General Election.
  6. Consider volunteering in other ways, locally and/or nationally, as many state and national political issues and campaigns will affect higher education, labor rights, etc in ways that impact us.

I am available if you have any questions, ideas, or would like to work together.

And, drive by Starbucks on Willamette St to honk and support the workers there!

Officer At Large


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