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Membership Concerns and General Membership Meeting

Greetings LCCEF Members,

The LCCEF executive committee (EC) recently received an email with concerns brought up by a recent article in the Register Guard. The article discussed LCC’s financial deficit and how the administration plans to address it, some items LCCEF already had inquiries on and some we learned from the article with you. We are working to get more solid information from the administration and the departments affected. 

In addition to listing concerns, the message also asked for more communication and action from LCCEF in response to the administration action. The EC has our regularly scheduled EC Meeting Monday, March 7th with a full agenda surrounding the presidential search. At that time we will make a plan for a general membership meeting. We have to give at least one week advance notice and so we intend to hold the meeting the week of March 14th, as we are aware many members will want to participate in the activities of the Presidential Search Committee next week. We will give advance notice of an exact day and time as soon as we set it.

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