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Union officers have noticed that not everyone is aware of FMLA and OFLA or how to fill out forms. We have recently had people contact us because they have had absences related to what is covered under these Acts and we want to be sure that we all know where to look them up and know that our HR team at the college is willing to assist us if we need to use them. Managers do not necessarily know if you should be getting a form filled out, so when in doubt contact HR.

FMLA is the Family Medical Leave Act and is what protects us if we welcome a new child into our family, get really sick or have a surgery, and if we lose a family member. Here in Oregon most of our leave falls under the Oregon Family Leave Act. Here are links to both if you would like to read them.



Under both of these acts we are allowed up to 12 weeks total time away from our jobs for medical reasons where our job is protected. With a couple exceptions.

LCC Leave of Absence Information

LCC Leaves With and Without Pay

Some of the leave the college pays us for such a bereavement leave and some of the leave in accordance to state law you will need to use your accrued leave to cover. When in doubt you should contact your HR representative for assistance. 

Human Resources Contact Information:

Heidi Morales

Leave of Absence Coordinator


Kali Phillips

Benefits Analyst


Sharon Daniel

Talent Acquisition & Development Manager


COVID Absences:

If you have had COVID you will need to use your sick leave to cover your illness because of the MOI that was signed between LCCEF/LCCEA and the college, you should not be using your vacation and personal pay. If your manager has had you use your vacation or personal pay please contact HR and copy either Buck Potter or Frankie (Francette) Cocanour on that email.

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