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Dues Update

Greetings LCCEF Members,

Today Linda, Buck and I met with Aneita Grogan to discuss the implication of the new structure of union dues which was voted for by our members this fall. There was testing done before they implemented the new algorithm in banner for the union dues and in the testing it worked perfectly. After finalizing the payroll for the 1/25/2022 paycheck, an error was discovered with how the system calculated the union dues deduction based on the new structure. For some members the system over withheld and for some it under withheld. The payroll team is working to fix this issue, and will make needed adjustments on a future paycheck.

If you have any questions about your dues please send an email to Aneita and she will be more than happy to explain if you were overcharged or undercharged.

We apologize for all inconveniences that this has caused.

Franke Cocanour

Update: In November our membership voted to move from the old tiered system to a new flat rate of 1.4% of member earnings with a maximum of $900.00 annually. Today’s paycheck was the first to have our new dues structure but  Banner did not implement it correctly. The payroll team is working to fix this issue and will make needed adjustments on a future paycheck.

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