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Thanks for the Memories – Farewell from Your Communications Officer

Good Afternoon Members,

I wanted to let you all know that, due to leaving my position at Lane, I’ve stepped down as your Communications Officer and this will be my final post. I’ve so enjoyed serving you in this capacity and, though I haven’t always said the right thing (I’m human, and I mess up sometimes), I’ve done my best to give you the transparent communication I promised when I took on the role. There are plans to keep many of the communication changes made over the last two years, including keeping open comments on posts so you can tell us what you think (we often get comments that disagree with us, and that’s fine, we value your input even when–especially when!–you aren’t happy with us).

With your union being down two officers (Recording Officer and Communications Officer), your help will be needed more than ever over the next few months. If you have any capacity, please consider emailing to find out how you can help or join an EC meeting to see if your skills might be needed on a particular task. LCCEF will need a short-term communications officer (just through the end of the year), a recording officer to take meeting minutes (this position lasts through the end of 2022), and a variety of help with writing communications, sending bargaining notifications and updates, rallying support, and more.

Even if you can’t help out directly, please extend your compassion and understanding to your EC Officers (especially when they make mistakes). They’ve all been working so hard for you (evenings and weekends too) and will be working even harder now with filling in for two additional positions. It’s exhausting and emotionally draining work and the notes of support received from some of you have meant so much; they’ve been an excellent reminder that those long hours doing union work are all worth it.

As I said when I ran for Communications Officer, LCCEF’s strength as a union comes from you, the members; get involved and grow stronger together!

Thanks for the memories,

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