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LCC COVID Vaccine Mandate FAQ

In order to ensure transparency, LCCEF and LCCEA provide this FAQ to members of the campus community.

What vaccine exemptions are allowed at LCC?

The College accepts medical, religious, and personal/philosophical exemptions.

What documentation is required for medical and religious exemptions?


What review process does the College currently use for medical or religious exemptions?


What documentation is required for the personal/philosophical exemption?

Students electing the personal/philosophical exemption are asked to watch an educational video but are not required to provide documentation that they have done so. They must submit the form acknowledging that they have watched the video.

What documentation is required for vaccination status?

The College requires individuals to self-report the type of vaccine, vaccine date, and whether or not the vaccine was received in Oregon. No vaccine cards or other documentation are required. Administration representatives have explained that they do not wish to require copies of vaccine cards because it is possible that they could be falsified.

Is it a violation of HIPAA for LCC to require vaccine documents?

No. LCC routinely requires that students submit medical documents when seeking to drop a class past the deadline or when making a financial aid appeal, for example, utilizing SoftDocs — the very same secure system used for the vaccine self-reporting from.

What exemptions are required by law?

Medical and religious exemptions.

What will happen if personal/philosophical exemptions are eliminated?

It is possible that this could happen at LCC or statewide. Since full FDA approval for the Pfizer vaccine was announced, many employers are requiring vaccination with medical and religious exemptions allowed. Governor Brown has indicated the possibility of extending the K12 and healthcare worker vaccine mandate to higher education. As more vaccination requirements are implemented statewide and nationwide, the likelihood that the requirements in higher education in Oregon will become more stringent, increases. Should new requirements come about, LCCEA and LCCEF will support individuals with the process for legitimate exemption requests.

For students already registered for Fall, what will happen if they do not submit a vaccination or exemption self-reporting form?

Students will receive reminders, but they will be able to attend in-person LCC activities without completion of the form in Fall Term, and they will not have any holds on registration until Winter Term registration.

For new students not yet registered for Fall, what requirements will they have to complete?

New students will be required to complete the vaccine or exemption self-reporting form in order to register.

Is the College doing contact tracing?

Yes. Contact tracing includes notification to individuals with “close contact” defined as spending 15 minutes or more at a distance of less than six feet with an individual who has tested positive for COVID 19. 

Will the College notify an employee who has come into contact with a positive case if there is no “close contact?” 

No. The Administration currently says they will not agree to provide notice to individuals if they have not been within 6 feet of a person who has tested positive for more than 15 minutes. 

Why are there concerns about ventilation?

Some rooms and buildings on campus have a history of poor airflow. So far, the Administration rejects LCCEA-LCCEF proposals that the College commit to following its own COVID ventilation plan, including, “Perform daily flush before occupied hours to achieve 3 fresh outside air changes, minimum 2 hours.” In addition, shared spaces such as offices and classrooms may have increased demands when occupied with multiple individuals or classes scheduled back-to-fack even with social distancing in place. In addition, the Administration does not yet have results from a firm contracted to study airflow and outside air exchange for the HVAC system, including areas on campus known to be problematic. Portable HEPA filters should be provided to serve such areas, especially classrooms and shared offices, many of which have no windows or windows that cannot be opened.

Why are LCCEA and LCCEF working together? 

The unions represent all classified and faculty at LCC and have common interests and responsibility in ensuring that the working and learning conditions at Lane Community College are safe and promote public health. We are stronger together when working in solidarity for the benefit of the campus and the community beyond. 

What can you do if you do not feel that the College’s plans for Fall are adequate?

Write to Board of Education members and President Hamilton 

Board Chair Lisa Fragala:

Board Vice Chair Rosie Pryor:

Mike Eyster: 

Austin Folnagy: 

Holli Johnson: 

Steve Mital: 

Angela VanKrause: 

President Marge Hamilton: 

With a copy to:,,, and 

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