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Call for Interested Members – EC Officer Search

Good afternoon members,

LCCEF is currently looking for two officers to join the Executive Council. If you have any interest at all, please contact us or speak with one of our officers about arranging to come to a few meetings, shadow an officer, or become an officer trainee for one of these two positions. You do not need experience to hold an officer position, you just need enthusiasm for union work and a willingness to pitch in where needed (we help each other get stuff done and make our decisions as a group). We will teach you what you need to know and help you get comfortable. Please think about joining us!

Recording Officer (currently vacant)

Primary duties:

  • Serves as custodian of the Federation’s records, seal and charter
  • Records minutes of the Executive Council and general membership meetings, and officially records other Federation business as required
  • Records election results as certified by the election Committee
  • Maintains the official copy of this Constitution and Bylaws, and distributes copies thereof as needed
  • Maintains in an acceptable manner, and makes available, the Federation Administrative Manual
  • Serves as liaison to, and works closely with, the Constitution Committee

Term end date: 12/31/22 (a year and a few months left)

Communications Officer (currently Zhasmene Bowles)

Primary duties:

  • Prepares special correspondence of documents at the request of the Executive Council or of individual officers or committees
  • Is responsible for the union website
  • Sends notification of Executive Council meetings
  • Performs the functions of the Records Officer in the absence of that officer
  • Acts as liaison to, and works closely with the Communications Committee

Term end date: 12/31/21 (just a few months left but you can run for another term if you love it!)

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