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Separation Incentive Update

Dear LCCEF Members, 

Your EC has listened to all the requests coming in wondering if there will be a separation incentive this year. 

Yesterday your EC proposed a separation incentive MOA to the college, nearly identical to the Faculty agreement reached in early March.

The response from the Chief Human Resources Officer was, “The College hasn’t discussed a separation incentive for any other groups this year”, “from the past LCCEF incentive, the majority of Classified positions needed to be refilled. As we plan and hope for increased enrollment with a return to campus, my thought is that there will hopefully be a need for more classified staff, not less.”

This MOA was proposed to the college from EC, outside of the economic reopener bargaining. Your bargaining team continues to meet weekly to build an economic proposal for the college. Stay tuned for more information from the bargaining team.


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