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“Us Too” Grievance Success – Sept 2020

Review our March 11, 2020 post, “Us Too” Grievance History and Update.

Good news! On Sept 8, 2020, we received results of the “Us Too” Grievance arbitration against LCC. LCCEF is awarded step increases for all .5 FTE step eligible employees with retroactive payment back to July 1, 2019. Arbitrator Henry sustained the grievance, finding that LCC violated the plain terms of Paragraph 15 of the CBA’s “Us Too” provision by not providing a step increase to the LCCEF members after it provided a step increase to LCCEA.

“The grievance is sustained. The College shall provide a full step increase, or its equivalent, retroactive to July 1, 2019 to all LCCEF bargaining unit members who were hired prior to Fall 2019 (September 24, 2019), who were not already at the top step, and who work at least .5FTE.”

Arbitrator Henry

Thank you to all our LCCEF members for staying strong! Thank you to all who displayed “Us Too!” signs showing your support of the grievance, it meant a lot to us to see those. To everyone who attended our March 9 meeting and encouraged us to go through with arbitration instead of settling for the college’s offer, we were so glad to know that you, like us, wanted to keep fighting for what is right. 

Special thank you to Robin Geyer for her testimony, it was pivotal to the outcome of this grievance! Additionally, thank you to all members working on the grievance committee that met for a few months writing data requests, analyzing earnings data, and hashing out numbers for possible proposals. The committee was made up of Robin Geyer, Linda Reling, Kenny Ascheri, Frankie Cocanour, Cas Rhay, Dacia Smith, Buck Potter, and our AFT-rep Bryan Lally. Thank you for your dedication!

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