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Happy Labor Day

On this glorious Labor Day weekend, we wish you and your family health, happiness, and relaxation. We want to recognize the hard work you do to support our students and let you know how honored we are to be working for you. We also want to give our thanks to the countless workers and labor unions whose efforts throughout time have allowed us to have this three-day weekend (and weekends in general) as a break from our labors.

We encourage you to think about one way having a union has helped you, and one way YOU can help your union be stronger and better? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

Looking for ways to help?

We have a few committees still looking for members:

We’d love for you to sign the Principles for Safe Re-Opening Petition:

Read the Principles for Safe Re-Opening and sign the Petition

A Conversation with Frontline Workers (3 pm PST, 9/4/20)

If you have the time today, we thought you might enjoy watching this conversation between AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and union members who are serving on the front lines as we battle COVID-19. From teaching our kids, to caring for the sick, to serving our communities, these workers will share their personal journeys and discuss why we need to pass the HEROES Act to protect and support those on the job.

We wish we could be enjoying our annual Labor Day Picnic in the park with all of you, and we really miss seeing you all in person. Here’s to a better, safer, future where we get to see your smiling faces once again.

Until next year,
Your Executive Council

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