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COPE Seeking Volunteers

Hi Everyone!

Happy Labor Day!  I’m your COPE Chair for LCCEF. This stands for Committee On Political Education–meaning the group that keeps track of local and state politicians, federal election activity, and how that affects our members and Labor in general.

So far, this year, because of our primary endorsements, we have had the ear of certain local and state politicians, when I have reached out to them on matters that affected us. We also had help with endorsements of our Bond measure from political candidates that LCCEF endorsed. These are just a couple of ways this interaction helps our members.

As everyone is completely aware, we are now in the main part of Election Season. Both major parties have had their conventions, expressing very different points of view. Our parent union, AFT-National, has also had our national convention, in which many issues, from the pandemic, to Black Lives Matter, to the national and state elections, were discussed as to how these affect us in the world of Education. 

Now is The Time to Get Active!!

Our job on COPE is:

  • Review local and state candidates, interview them, and choose whether and whom to endorse. 
  • Help our members and others register to vote
  • Help get out the vote in a MAJOR way, as there is so much riding on this election.

I need you, because, without you, there’s no committee for the “Committee” part of “COPE”!

In the coming few weeks, being on COPE will mean a commitment of about 1 hour/week, set by consensus on what works for everyone. Nobody will be “kicked off” the committee if you can’t make a meeting.

I promise you’ll have fun!  You get to know some of your local politicians, who honestly are all working hard for our county. And you get to participate in the power of making change in your world.

This is an Election Season like none any of us alive has ever seen. Let’s ensure LCCEF is represented!

In Solidarity,
Fiora, your COPE Chair

Interested? Email Fiora!

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