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Early Vacation Sell Back MOA

Good news, we have reached an agreement with the College to allow early sell-back of vacation hours this year. Every Fall Term, our contract allows classified employees to sell-back up to 16 hours of accrued vacation time at their current rate of pay, and this MOA has adjusted the dates for this year to allow that sell-back process to begin now (it will continue to be available to employees until 12/31/20).

The benefit of selling vacation back now is that it will put that extra cash into our paychecks a little earlier, and will help offset the temporary payroll reduction from the furloughs while we await our WorkShare benefits.

To take advantage of this benefit, employees will need to fill out a specific HR form, which is being updated as we speak. Expect communication from HR in the very near future with detailed instructions; we will update this post with that additional information as soon as it is available.

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