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Separation Incentive Update

Hi LCCEF Members.

We are currently negotiating our Contract Economic Reopener, included in which is a Separation Incentive of $10,000. In response to member requests, we have asked for this incentive to be available to any employee voluntarily separating from the College, not just for those who are retiring. The administration is open to this suggestion, which is great, and we are currently negotiating the number of years an employee would need to have worked at the College to be eligible for the Separation Incentive.

To continue negotiating the required years of employment, the administration needs to be able to calculate the potential savings for the College that could be provided by this incentive. To this end, they have asked us to pass on to them the names of any employees who would consider submitting a retirement/separation notice by September 30, 2020 with the last day of employment no later than December 31, 2020.

The LCCEF bargaining team and the administration are in agreement that an employee submitting their name at this point does not mean that employee is putting in their notice to retire or separate, just that they have an interest. 

If you think you might be interested in taking advantage of the Separation Incentive, please submit your name in this form. This information will not be shared with your coworkers or managers, only with the LCCEF EC and members of the administration’s bargaining group.

The form will close at midnight on July 12 so we can give the administration the information on July 13.

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