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Would You Be Interested In A Retirement Incentive?

LCCEF is gathering data to help us support our members. The College recently stated there will no be retirement incentives offered this year but, at our urging, agreed to consider offering one if enough employees are interested. We want to ensure that those who are interested in retiring still feel comfortable doing so in these stressful and uncertain times and working to get our employees a retirement incentive.

The details of a potential incentive have not been negotiated!

For information-gathering purposes only, we are working with the details of the previous incentive (see below):

Eligibility: Current C-1 and C-2 classified employees (.500-1.00 FTE) who will be age 55 or older by July 31, 2019, and who were hired by or before January 1, 2009 into a C-1 or C-2 (.500 -1.00 FTE).

Incentive Options: Eligible C-1 and C-2 classified employees (see above) may elect between the following two options:
(a). Health Insurance Continuation – The College will continue to make the employer contributions for health insurance premiums for Employee only coverage for up to twelve (12) months, or until the separated employee is Medicare eligible, after the month of voluntary separation from employment.
(b). One-time-payment, Stipend – In lieu of receiving the continuation of health insurance benefits noted in 3.a. above, eligible C-1 and C-2 (.500 -1.00 FTE) employees may elect to receive a one-time-only stipend payment of $10,000 subject to all standard payroll withholding requirements.

Unemployment Benefits: Employees who choose to separate employment with Lane Community College through this Voluntary Separation Incentive proposal are separating voluntarily without good cause. This means under ORS 657.176(2Xc) they may be disqualified for collecting unemployment benefits as a result of their separation.

Tuition Waiver: Employees electing to separate under this incentive shall be eligible for tuition-free classes through June 30, 2020, on a space-available basis for employees only.

Transportation Fee Exempt Class: Employee electing to separate under this incentive shall be eligible for access to wellness-related classes with an exemption from the term transportation fee through June 30, 2020.

2019 Retirement Incentive Details – Used as an example only.

Please answer the anonymous poll below so we know how many employees would be interested in a retirement incentive if one were offered. This information will only be used if it is helpful in our negotiations with the administration.


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