Classification and Compensation Update

As part of an agreement between Lane Community College (LCC) and the classified employees union, Lane Community College Employees Federation (LCCEF), a compensation study was performed by LCCEF. The purpose of the study was to determine how compensation at LCC compares to other public sector employers in the region. A competitive pay structure is critical for retaining valuable employees and recruiting skilled candidates to fill vacancies. 

After applying an industry-standard methodology, the results of the study revealed that compensation at LCC lags well behind other public entities in the area, such as Lane County, the City of Eugene, and the City of Springfield. In most cases, competing employers pay over 10% more than LCC, and in some cases, the pay gap is as high as 20%. This outcome clearly indicates that LCC must address the compensation disparity if it wishes to attract and retain talented employees. 

Please see the full report below:

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