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Weekly Update: “Us Too” and a COVID-19 MOA


*Update (posted 3/12/2020) – There was an error in the original MOA signed 3/11/2020. It has been corrected in the new version signed 3/12/2020. See more details here.*

Good news, LCCEF and the College have come to an agreement and signed an MOA regarding sick leave and procedures around potential college closures due to COVID-19. See the full details in the linked document below.

“Us Too” Grievance History and Update

On December 10, 2019, LCCEF submitted an “Us Too” grievance to the College for item 15 of the July 24, 2019 LCCEF MOA entitled “Us Too”.

15. “Us Too” – In the event that Faculty or Managers reach an agreement for increased compensation that was not received by LCCEF, it is agreed that LCCEF Bargaining Unit will also receive comparable compensation.

This grievance was regarding the full step pay increase that LCCEA (Faculty Union) received in their signed 2019 MOA with the College. To settle this grievance, the administration offered $192,000 in compensation to Classified staff; this is the dollar amount equal to the full step that full-time faculty received. However, due to differences in employee numbers and salary structures, a full step for all step-eligible Classified employees would equal $335,000. In light of this discrepancy, LCCEF countered the College’s offer with a demand of $335,000. The College stated they were not willing to settle for this amount and counteroffered $250,000, making it clear that any demands or counteroffers from LCCEF greater than that amount would result in arbitration.

On Monday, March 9th, LCCEF held two short-notice Emergency Membership Meetings in accordance with the constitution to inform the Classified bargaining group of the grievance’s status and to request informal feedback and guidance from the membership on how to proceed. An overwhelming majority of those present indicated they were tired of the College taking advantage of Classified employees, and of LCCEF continually giving in to the College when bargaining. It’s clear, that from this point forward, LCCEF members intend to fight for their contractually-owed compensation. The Executive Council (EC) was encouraged by the membership to keep fighting for what is owed and to vote for arbitration if necessary (this being a grievance, the members could not directly vote on the decision).

As a result, the LCCEF EC voted unanimously on Tuesday, March 10th to proceed with arbitration if necessary and informed the College that we stand at $335,000. The College again declined to settle. Presently, LCCEF and the College are proceeding with arbitration. LCCEA is in full support of LCCEF through this long process.

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