Small Us Too Flyers - English and Spanish

Printable “Us Too” Flyers

Thank you to all the wonderful members and prospective members who joined in at our “Us Too” Grievance discussions yesterday. It was wonderful to hear your thoughts and we received a lot of useful feedback that helped us clarify our position and our next steps.

To help us stay energized and focused on our goals as we move forward, we have created printable “Us Too” flyers for you to hang in your offices and other workspaces. Be sure to share them with your faculty colleagues as well; LCCEA stands in solidarity with us and is encouraging us every step of the way.

Classified and faculty colleagues work hand-in-hand to ensure our College runs smoothly and our students are successful. We know that without all of us working together, LCC just wouldn’t work. We haven’t forgotten and the faculty haven’t either; now let’s make sure the College doesn’t forget: Us Too!

*Note: Need some flyers printed for you? Contact any EC member and we will be happy to bring some to your department. The small flyers print 6-to-a-page and can be printed double-sided with English on one side and Spanish on the other. Have questions or need a different size/format? Contact and we’ll see what we can do.*

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